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Managing Personal Finance

Managing Personal Finance is an easily understood blog about, not surprisingly, topics of personal finance. It is a resource for the average person through which can be gained a better understanding of many topics important to personal financial management.

Absent of an ‘About’ page, it is not entirely clear who the actual ‘owner’ of the blog is, although contact information for ‘Devray1‘ is given. This is of little consequence as the posts appear thoughtful, informed, and well thought-out, but nevertheless, if you like to get to know your author first, you might be minorly frustrated. On the other hand, this lack of pre-information lets you focus more on the content and allows you to take it for its international appeal without any predetermined opinions.

Managing Personal Finance – Why You Should Go

Personal finance is a topic many individuals and homes deal with. Many of us come into life unprepared for the task of managing our incomes and laying a solid foundation of finance for our homes, our families, and our lives. The author and contributors to this blog (listed as Anirudhi and Kinkini) seem to have a deep understanding of this, and work to bring a variety of personal finance topics to light, breaking them down in small, digestible pieces and explaining them in understandable ways.

The ‘Categories’ list is a good example of the topics and posts that you can read about on this blog:

• Banking
• Credit Cards
• Economy
• Home
‚Ä¢ Insurance (including children’s insurance plans)
• Investment
• Marketing
• Review

Summing Up Managing Personal Finance

Many people continue to face personal finance issues as adults, and without understandable resources to clarify and guide them, they will continue to on into the future; in many cases the ignorance will be passed on to following generations. Blogs like Managing Personal Finance offer a very good, and little time-consuming way to understand personal finance better and to start on the road to personal finance recovery.

Go and check out Managing Personal Finance for yourself.

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The Official Amy Weber Blog

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Amy Weber

Amy Weber is the official blog site of Hollywood-based actress and model Amy Weber. Amy figured that everyone else was blogging, and she should be, too! Amy’s reason for blogging:

I started to feel like I was left out of the loop since even billionaires like Donald Trump and celebrities like Rosie and Alyssa Milano have blogs and I didn’t…. so here it is

Amy uses her blog to let fans gain insight into her life, get to know her, get to know that she’s about more than just being an actress and a pretty face, and to highlight issues that are important to her. Hers is a mixed-bag of a blog that brings lots to readers.

Amy Weber’s Blog – Why You Should Go

The simple reasons you’d want to read what Amy has to say would be of course that you are a fan or admirer. But Amy’s blog is worth the cyber-trip for the same reasons you would frequent any ‘regular’ girl’s blog – Amy is a person of character and interest, sharing her world and her thoughts with you.

Amy talks about important things like the environment and animals, and our personal safety in the internet age. She also reveals her hobbies and interests, and lots of things about her that you otherwise wouldn’t know. All that, and pictures of a woman voted one of the sexiest women in the world!

Getting back to the fame thing, Amy Weber’s blog is a great place to go to see that celebrities are people, too, and that many can actually lead normal lives! If you are interested in what really makes this dynamic woman tick, go to the source and read it straight from Amy herself.

Summing Up Amy Weber’s Blog

It seems we’ve just about said it all already – Amy Weber is an actress and model of interest, gracious enough to open up and share her world with her friends, family, and fans. She’s personable, approachable, and cares enough to reach out in real ways to the outside.

Go and check out Amy Weber’s Blog for yourself and digg it.

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Following The Quest For Comedic Stardom

Standup 101 with Comedienne Lucy DeeWhere to Find The Quest for Comedic Stardom:
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Category: Comedy, Careers

The Quest For Comedic Stardom

The Quest for Comedic Stardom follows New York’s Lucy Dee as she sets off on her life’s mission to become a top-billing comedienne. According to her MySpace profile, Lucy is 100 years old, which can only lead one to believe that she’s seen and done a lot, and has lots to laugh about on her blog.

Lucy offers her blog as a “fly-on-the-wall P.O.V. into the life of a stand-up comedienne.” Now that sounds like things could get interesting.

The Quest For Comedic Stardom – Why You Should Go

The simple answer? Because everyone needs to laugh, everyday. And Lucy is good for lots of laughs, even when the topic is something a bit foreign to you. Lucy is well-spoken and witty, injecting her humorous take into everything she writes.

Lucy’s interests, and thus the posts on the Quest, are eclectic and varied. Her interests are listed as: “Indie rock and pop/dance music, comedy, stand-up, storytelling, film, writing“; this covers most of what Lucy posts on her blog (but it’s a pretty comprehensive list anyway…).

Lucy also posts about her newest pursuit, a website that she intends to use to outline “The Academics Behind Comedy” and serve as the “Online stand-up comedy resource.

The best reason to visit the Quest for Comedic Stardom is to gain that promised insight into the life of a developing stand-up comedian. Whether you are interested in becoming a comedian or not, the journey makes for an interesting read that helps the reader gain an appreciation of the work and hurdles of budding entertainers, and interestingly enough a lot of the fears and trials Lucy faces and deals with are not unlike those in ‘regular’ life.

Summing Up The Comedic Quest

As a resource for potential comedians and entertainers, Lucy’s blog (and promised website) are an unparalleled resource. As a place to take a comedy break, Lucy’s blog is that, too. Make this blog a regular stop for some good info, and an interesting (and entertaining) take on life; and if stand-up comedy is a dream for you too, make sure you follow Lucy’s blog. You’ll get a front-row seat to prepare you and benefit from the research and knowledge that Lucy has already gained.

I first met Lucy on Stumbleupon and I’m glad I did. Do yourself a favor and get to know her.

Go and check out The Quest For Comedic Stardom for yourself and digg it (if you like).

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Revellian Dot Com

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Category: Philosophy, Personal Development, Blogging

Revellian Dot Com

According to the blog’s title Revellian delivers
Psycho-linguistical Dialectology: From The Edge“. Not quite sure what that means? That’s okay; you’ll get the feel for it.

Revellian Dot Com is the work of Bobby Revell, a writer, blogger, spiritual explorer, guitarist, and practitioner of the art of luthiery (Got you again? Luthiery is the art of building guitars!). So what does Revell blog about? A bit of all of these things.

Primarily, Bobby Revell‘s focus is to open the minds of others. He presents much about different philosophies of the world and draws from his many life practices and experiences to enlighten others. On his ‘About’ page Bobby describes his blog as a place where he posts “Lots of non-fiction articles about Zen, philosophy, the mysteries of human thought… [and] a weekly short story“. Sound intriguing? It is.

Bobby holds a strong belief in the power of blogs as an international platform capable of breaking down barriers of racism and ignorance. His inspiring definition of what blogging means to him makes you want to go write or start a blog of your own now; Bobby sees blogs as “a way to reach out to people all over the world enabling us all to share our individual expressiveness.

As an experienced blogger, Bobby also includes tips and information to help other bloggers, including beginners.

Revellian Dot Com – Why You Should Go

Revellian Dot Com is worth the trip for a number of reasons, but probably the best reason to go is the inspirational and mind-opening experience that is Revell’s blog. Bobby puts a lot of effort into posting information that gets people thinking and sharing in a spirit of education.

Although Bobby does not expect every blog visitor to agree with him, he does invite commentary and polite discussion. Given the somewhat debatable nature of some of the concepts he has introduced, Revell does an excellent job of opening the lines of discussion and communication without letting his blog descend into argument and insult. Revellian remains a place where all should feel comfortable offering their viewpoints without the fear of being pounced on. No doubt Bobby’s active presence in his comment area serves to keep visitors on their best behavior and maintain focus on enlightenment.

If this isn’t reason enough for you to go, consider this – Bobby Revell has built guitars for musical greats, including Eddie Van Halen!

Summing Up Revellian Dot Com

Revellian Dot Com is a place to expose yourself to philosophies old and new. This is a place where [religious] denomination has no meaning, a place to explore your spiritual side, pose questions and answers, learn about yourself, a bit about tech and blogging, be entertained by the fictional works of Bobby Revell, and become a member of an open and diverse community. Although I’d like to classify this blog under the category of “Blogging”, something makes me put it under “Philosophy”. Bobby Revell is fore sure a Philosopher.

Go and check out Revellian for yourself and digg it (if you like).

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99 Bloggers Community BloggingWhere to Find 99 Bloggers:
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Category: Community Blogging

99 Bloggers

99 Bloggers is about anything and everything the contributors, a collection of bloggers from a variety of backgrounds and interests, want it to be. This blog, a cooperative effort of 99 community bloggers, is the child of creator Alphafoobar.

The premise behind 99 bloggers is simple and effective: Create a blog and allow the first 99 qualified bloggers to join and contribute as often as they like and in so doing gain exposure for the bloggers’ efforts while offering a blog with wide-ranging interests and information. In effect, 99 Bloggers is sort of a first place to go to look for information, a sort of one-stop shopping-experience to link you to more blogs and websites of interest. It certainly does bring more fun into social networking.

99 Bloggers – A Community Blog

99 Bloggers is worth a visit first for its unique concept and secondly for its wealth of information. It’s both a global community blogging effort that increases exposure to new people, concepts, and products, and a resource for finding the information you need.

It’s a mixed bag and you’ll never know what you’ll find at the top of the recent posts, but posts are logically categorized to make it easy to find the topics that are of most interest to you. Here’s a sampling of the types of posts that are up on 99 Bloggers now (be forewarned, though, something new and completely unique could pop up at any time!):

• Art
‚Ä¢ Blogs (logical…)
• Entertainment
• Design
• Gaming
• How-to
• Lifestyle
• Opinion
• Music & Movies
• Travel
• Technology
• Lots More! This list is by no means exhaustive!

99 Bloggers presents plenty of opportunity for both readers and contributing bloggers. Community blog members have yet another outlet for outreach (without the pressure of having to post daily) and readers get to learn about things they may not have been aware they needed to know.

Summing Up 99 Bloggers & Social Networking

Despite its unstructured topical approach, 99 Bloggers is a highly useful blog that takes advantage of a unique community approach to blogging & social networking. Current bloggers seem to have stayed true to the mission and posted truly interesting and valuable information, managing to keep this diverse blog from becoming a fluff factory and giving some real meat to its readers. It appears the blog is still accepting contributors, so if this is your thing don’t hesitate to get on board before the 99 blogging spots are gone!

Go and check out 99 Bloggers for yourself and digg it (if you like).

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Wit & Tech Wisdom From Jamie Le Souef

Jamie Le Souef - Basil Creative Internet Technology

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Category: Internet Technology

Jamie Le Souef

Jamie Le Souef is the founder of Basil Creative, a “total Business Marketing Solutions company” specializing in “Online services such as Website Design and Development.” His blog, which simply goes by his name, Jamie Le Souef, is an extension of his business. On his blog Jamie delivers a number of helpful tips and mini-tutorials to help readers learn and utilize processes and programs. And oh yeah-he likes to entertain from time to time, too.

Jamie says his small company uses “inspiration, experience and quality service” to ensure customer satisfaction and success in a personalized way. Clearly, he operates his blog in much the same manner.

Jamie Le Souef- Why You Should Go

Jamie Le Souef looks to be a resource for both the experienced and inexperienced user. He breaks down various applications step by step in ways that make the use of a program or feature clear (or at least as clear as these things can be) and helps readers learn to install and use these applications themselves. This is a valuable (free!) service that can really help demystify computer and internet technology use for the masses.

On a lighter note, Jamie really seems to like engaging in some fun, posting comedy videos of funny monkeys and Tom Cruise parodies (but who wouldn’t?). Clearly, he’s not all work and no play, a feature that is refreshing on any blog and shows the humanity of the writer. It’s also a welcome distraction to regular readers on such a tech-heavy blog.

In addition to the goods Jamie offers on his own site, a handful of links to other resources and off-topic blogs of interest are listed on the site.

Summing Up Jamie Le Souef

Jamie’s blog has been active for a little more than half a year now, but it is already packed with a number of useful tips, tutorials, and comedic relief. Jamie’s blog is a good one to keep up with to track the changes and applications that can make e-life easier and learn what to use and how.

Go and check out the Jamie Le Souef blog for yourself and digg it (if you like).

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Category: Personal Development

Buzzing With Ange

AngesBiz is a blog dedicated to helping people help themselves. Ange is big on self empowerment, personal development, and personal and financial success. This is a place to go to open your mind to the possibilities within you, to learn how to enhance your thinking and develop the mindset of success that will help you make more of both your personal life and finances.

From Ange:

“My posts will revolve around Personal Development, Wealth Creation, as well as Emotional Intelligence and Financial Intelligence. There will also be some spiritual guidance tucked in there as well.”

AngesBiz- Why You Should Go

According to Ange’s main website, her mission is to inspire; her energy, acceptance, and openness do just that.

Buzzing With Ange is fun and upbeat (the way a blog dedicated to motivation should be!) with a wealth of diverse information and resource links related to her topics of personal development, success, self empowerment, and motivation. But don’t expect the same old ‘you can do it’ from Ange that you read everywhere else. Ange’s information comes from varied sources and takes on the issue of motivation and success using things like spirituality, the Law of Attraction, fundamentals of financial intelligence, emotional intelligence and more.

Refreshingly, Ange is not afraid to take on ‘taboo’ subjects that link all of life to success (like her post on sex & success). Ange interjects quite a lot of experience and personal failure and success, too, showing her readers that not only is she human and facing the same life obstacles as the rest of us, but she is walking, breathing proof that it can be done.

Summing Up AngesBiz

To sum it up, AngesBiz is a well established, active blog community (with archives reaching back to August 2006) that takes personal development to new frontiers, offering valuable motivation, support, and resources that are not overdone in empowerment circles on the net.

Go and check out AngesBiz for yourself and digg it (if you like).

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