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Kitchen Table Medicine

Kitchen Table Medicine is the work of Dr. Nicole Sundene, a Naturopathic physician (yes, a real doctor giving out real advice!), and her team of colleagues and contributors which includes a naturopath, a personal trainer, a Doctor of Philosophy and Psychotherapist, and a “Happiness Expert” with a law degree from Yale. It’s an impressive mix of minds and a place where you can learn from real, credentialed experts to feed your mind, body, and spirit in ever-better and healthier ways.

Kitchen Table Medicine – Why You Should Go

Kitchen Table Medicine is a blog with the potential to help you live better in all aspects of life, including “tips for natural, healthy, organic, sustainable, good green living” and more. The primary contributor is the creator, Dr. Nicole Sundene, who posts on a regular basis and lends information and guidance to those looking to live and feel better, naturally. She is accompanied by her professional team of contributors who post on topics of self improvement, fitness, exercise, and other health-related topics for everything from managing depression to overcoming the fatigue of cancer treatments and natural detox diets.

What’s great about Kitchen Table Medicine is that it is not another health blog that doesn’t really give advice. This blog (which of course offers its own healthy dose of disclaimers and advisement for personal professional attention by qualified health professionals) details the foods, diets, practices, and products that you can use to live better. It raises all the issues related to living better, including knowing what to use, how to use it and when, and what to change psychologically to incorporate real, lasting, healthy change; and it offers a platform where people can ask and learn of qualified natural health professionals, and get real responses to questions (and participate in Dr. Nicole’s poll to tell her what you want her to write about).

Summing Up Kitchen Table Medicine

Kitchen Table Medicine is an easier way to learn about living better in sync with nature. It’s a way to become more familiar with natural living without being overwhelmed by all there is to learn. Dr. Nicole and company present the information in small, understandable, digestible pieces, and cover all the bases for successful healthy living. If you could benefit by learning to live better and more naturally, pay Dr. Nicole a blog-call.

Go check out Kitchen Table Medicine.

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Can You Master Your Card?

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Category: Personal Finance

Master Your Card

Credit Cards are a major source of frustration for a large percentage of the world’s population. If you know the facts, though, and know how to manage your card, your income, and your debt, a credit card does not have to be an additional source of financial stress and strain.

This is the premise upon which Master Your Card is being built. This young blog, a collaborative effort of four writers – Jonathon, Mike, Melanie, and Rob – all with a range of personal and professional finance experience, aims to help people master their financial lives by understanding credit, debt, the banking and finance industry, and also by giving real ways to utilize credit cards and pay down debt.

Master Your Card – Why You Should Go

As the name indicates, there is a lot to learn here about credit cards and debt management. But there is a lot to learn about personal finance and money management, too. Included in the categories are topics like:

  • Budgeting
  • Credit Cards
  • Credit Rating
  • Debt
  • Frugal Living
  • Myths
  • Personal Finance
  • Psychology

It’s not all work and no play, though; there are funny stories and miscellaneous pieces of interesting information included as well.

The bloggers here work in areas of finance and banking, and also work themselves day to day to improve their own financial pictures. These are real people with real budgets who are trying to do the same as everyone else and get a handle on credit card debt and money management. In addition, they offer interesting perspectives on the different banking establishments and industries, and offer insight few are privy to who do not work in these fields.

Summing Up Master Your Card

The contributors to Master Your Card do not necessarily view credit use as evil. They just understand it to be something that can’t be done with blinders on; they recognize that a credit card can be a useful financial management tool if you understand what you are getting into, so they’ve made it their goal to bring their readers real information and useful advice, blending both daily habits and tips for living within a budget with insider information aimed at clarifying the credit industry and the tactics it employs.

This is a site that you can read daily to gain better financial management and control bit by bit. The information is real and even better it’s understandable. At just four months young Master Your Card promises to be a very reliable and user-friendly way to learn about personal finance and credit management.

Go here to check out Master Your Card.

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Category: Personal Empowerment, Business, Success

Successful Blog

The full name of Successful Blog is ‘Successful and Outstanding Bloggers’; it’s a good indication of what Liz Strauss’s blog is about. But don’t write this one off as just another blog about blogging, because it is really much, much more than that, and if you pass it by you’ll be missing out on all the rest that is Successful Blog.

This blog may have started as a blog about blogging, but over the years (we’re talking at least three, here) it has grown into something much larger. Today, Liz Strauss and her blog are recognized as one of the leaders in the field of not just blogging, but also personal empowerment and online business coaching.

Successful Blog – Why You Should Go

Very few bloggers or coaches exude the kind of warmth and support that Liz Strauss does‚Äîor the level of real-world, effective strategy and business sense. Hers is a unique approach to blogging and business, one that has been described as “relational”. Her blog has been described as “both a destination and an event.”

Not only are posts timely and informative, but the blog is also highly interactive, enveloping a “pay-it-forward” attitude. Liz invites all her bloggers to engage and share, join the team as an SOB or BAD blogger (which you’ll have to learn more about at the blog), join in the weekly Open Mic night (held Tuesdays, Chicago, Illinois, US time), or just drop the occasional comment.

Even more impressive is the fact that Liz is such an active presence herself. One might think that a blogger this popular would have a hard time connecting with her readers, but Liz makes it a point to engage with each and every visitor whose presence is known—new or old.

Summing Up Successful Blog

Liz’s philosophy is that, “Relationships are everyone‚Äôs business, and every business is relationships”. She uses this as her guide to building a highly personal blog aimed at creating a community of leadership and success. Day by day Liz Strauss guides her readers to build a path to success, one post at a time, and welcoming visitors with the motto, “you’re only a stranger once”; stop being a stranger to Liz Strauss and her unique blogging community. Get your daily dose of information and business acumen at Successful Blog.

Go here to check out Successful Blog.

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Copyblogger Goes Beyond Good Blogging Tips

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Category: Blogging, Business, Marketing, Promotion


Copyblogger, the work of founder Brian Clark, has been guiding bloggers, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs through the maze of online marketing and business since 2006. Brian brings his extensive knowledge and expertise, which he gained the best possible way—through experience—to his blog where he offers tutorials, applications, services, and general advice for bloggers and for businesses using blogging and social media as a marketing and promotional tool.

Copyblogger – Why You Should Go

Copyblogger is one of those resource sites with something for everyone. Bloggers and writers can use the blog to gain valuable insight into boosting blog performance, while businesses with an online element (whether expressly an online business or an offline business with an online presence) will learn how to maximize their business blog for optimal performance. The blog is targeted primarily towards entrepreneurs and business bloggers, but the information there is useful for a variety of online bloggers and professionals, and so it has gained a huge following of people who need to know.

What Sets Copyblogger Apart

What sets Copyblogger apart, though, is that it is a blog that teaches the basics of blogging and online marketing, but then goes a step further. Brian Clark goes beyond the given‚Äîthat blogging and online marketing are necessary‚Äîto show readers how to ‘one up’ the competition. He says on his About page that online marketing is not just about doing, but doing better and more effectively. As Brian says, anyone can post words on a page, but it is your copywriting skills that will really sell you and set you apart; those are the skills that Brian works to develop through the blog.

Summing Up Copyblogger

Copyblogger is the place to go not just to learn about blogging and online marketing, but to learn about doing it better. This blog is an excellent resource, packed with more resources and links, a great value for your time investment.

Go here to check out Copyblogger.

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Tree Hugging Family

Tree Hugging FamilyWhere to Find Tree Hugging Family:
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Category: Green living, Environment

Tree Hugging Family

Tree Hugging Family is a cooperatively run blog at b5media written by co-bloggers Jennifer Chait and Peggy Rowland. This blog is a place where you can go daily to learn how to make small changes that turn into a huge environmental impact.

Tree Hugging Family – Why You Should Go

The name ‘Tree Hugging Family‘ might evoke images in some of extremist, well, tree-huggers, or closed-minded fanatics interested only in promoting their own hard-core environmental points of view. But the Tree Hugging Family blog is nothing of the kind. Tree Hugging Family is a blog where writer Jennifer Chait and Peggy Rowland work post by post to educate readers as to the impact of global warming, but more importantly to educate readers in how they can live better, cleaner, and greener.

Tree Hugging Family is really a very open and warm community, and welcoming of civil debate over the issue. But the real impetus behind the blog is to offer up solutions, not argument over the problem. Day by day, post by post, the blog’s authors present new ways to easily and painlessly change little things in your daily routine. The focus is more on sustainable, livable solutions to global warming through green living.

The topics and green actions presented span a wide range; timely news is presented, as well as meaningful activities like

• Green kids activities
• Green crafts
• Green cleaning
• Green pets
• Green remodeling
• Green schools
• Green work and office
• Energy audits & tips
• Recycling
• Saving energy
• Gardening
• Eco living
• Flowers
• Gardening
• Organics
• Extreme green for hard-core environmentalists
• A lot more…

There’s really a wealth of information here, and it’s good to know that with blogs like this around we can hope that people are reading and learning and making our shared environment a healthier, more earth-friendly place to be.

Summing Up Tree Hugging Family

As the topics and categories suggest, Tree Hugging Family has a bit of something of interest for everyone. This is an excellent read and an excellent resource regardless of your stance on global warming. Thanks to b5media and the girls at Tree Hugging Family, there’s still hope that people can learn to live in cleaner and greener ways without making it so painful an experience that it can’t be sustained.

Go and check out The Tree Hugging Family for yourself.

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