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When you talk about Blog Directories, one name comes to mind immediately–BlogCatalog.  Indeed, that is the place I find blogs more often than not these days.  But BlogCatalog is not the only Blog Directory on the Internet (even if it is, as they claim, among the biggest).  There are other directories out there, and they’re worth your time and perusal, too.

Blogging Fusion Offers Search And Tools

Blogging Fusion is another of the web’s directories.  It claims to be a growing community, with nearing 3,000 blogs.  That may pale into comparison to BlogCatalog, but still I’ve found some excellent blogs through Blogging Fusion.  It’s a resource to consider if you are looking for more exposure for your blog, or looking for new blogs for reading and comparison.

If you are interested in joining as a way to increase exposure to your blog, there is a fee to join, and then it takes between 12-48 hours to process and review your application and blog.  There are three tiers of payment for membership, starting at $1.99 USD.  One nice option about Blogging Fusion, though, is that you can insert your Adsense information and profit from ad clicks when your profile is viewed.

The other nice feature with Blogging Fusion is the statistics area.  It collects and displays the statistics for all the major search engines, which may be of interest both to you as a blog owner or to others who are searching niche blogs.

Whether or not Blogging Fusion grows to be a competitive force with the likes of BlogCatalog remains to be seen, but for a low submission price and the benefit of added exposure and stats, it’s probably worth your while to get in and see what this blog directory can do for you.

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Recap Review, March 27 Edition

Our week started strong with posts of personal growth and development, as well as blogs to help you along your entrepreneurial way.  From there, we moved on to an interesting community blog project and rounded out the week with a few good laughs; all in all, just the way a week should go, from productivity to kicking back with a little entertainment!

Week In Review, March 28

  • We kicked the week off with a purpose and joined May Anne Fisher on her blog for entrepreneurs and online business folk.  Mary Anne has a top-notch strategy full of focus on helping you live your most passionate and profitable life at i Profit on Purpose.
  • The personal growth trend continued over at Vlad Dolezal’s An Amazing Mind blog, where he explores the topic of personal development while helping you to sort through the information overload that can so easily overtake that topic.
  • Matt Ringer is a small business owner with experience to offer, and he’s making a big deal of it!  Make your small business a big deal, too, with the help of Matthew and his SmallBizBee blog.
  • It’s refreshing to see the younger bloggers who have figured out the keys to life and personal development relatively early-on; top of the list is Celestine Chua and her EMBRACE Living blog.  Join Celes and learn to live your best life, one of both passion and financial success!
  • We turned a little away from the topics of business and personal development to enjoy a community blogging project dedicated to self-portrait photgraphy.  In Cinq is more than a photoblog, it’s a place to explore the people of the world and get to know them in just nine words.
  • To wrap the week, we gave ourselves a few laughs over at the Tiny Minds blog.  It’s a blog that’s so easily relatable, making humorous work of fighting back against mankind’s propensity for dashing rational thought.

That’s it for this week, but also be sure to step back in time and see last week’s adventurous blog reviews.  And do be sure to leave a comment (anywhere along the blog here) so that we can review your blog, or any of those you think are upstanding and worth the trip over!

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In A World Of Tiny Minds

Where to Find Tiny Minds:
Blog URL: http://www.tinyminds.net/
Category: Humor

Tiny Minds

The news is barely tolerable watching (or reading) these days, what with all the doom and gloom of the economy and markets, and life in general. It’s enough to make anyone believe in their own desperation, regardless of whether it’s actually a reality. So how do you deal with a world with nothing good to say? You fight back against their “declining capacity for rational thought.”

Tiny Minds – Why You Should Go

This is just what the authors at Tiny Minds are doing – “Exploring Humanity’s Declining Capacity for Rational Thought.” Snarky posts amuse and make lighter the load that is living amongst the irrational world of today, with topics ranging from email scam letters to the politicians who make it so easy to target them (and no, we’re not only talking George W.!). When it gets down to it, the irrationality of the world is nothing short of amazing, and, thanks to this crew, amusing, too.

Summing Up Tiny Minds

Tiny Minds is an equal-opportunity ridiculer, describing itself as,

“…a repository for stories and commentary about the declining apparent intelligence of human beings.
It’s not limited to inane goings on; there’s lots of dumb things that happen in politics, science, government, everyday lives, and the like — we don’t discriminate on the basis of HOW people are dumb; it’s all fair game.”

For those of us left with a shred of rational thought, it is a place to come, relax, be amused, and enable ourselves to get through the daily paper.

Go here to check out Tiny Minds.

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In Cinq With Yourself

Where to Find In Cinq:
Blog URL: http://incinq.blogspot.com/
Category: Photography, Community Blogging

In Cinq

In Cinq is a very unique community blog project created by Adria Balgassi. Adria was inspired by her younger sister’s poem—a simple cinquain describing her father. She decided to go global with the concept via a self-portrait blog, and the result is In Cinq.

In Cinq – Why You Should Go

The concept for In Cinq is simple—people from around the world are invited to contribute self portraits, which are largely photographs but can also be sketches, paintings, etc. Along with it, contributors are required to include a simple cinquain describing themselves in nine words. You need not be a poet, the contributor guidelines are quite simple, with an interesting result.

The interesting result is a collection of portraits and snapshots of people from around the world, each being self-described in a concise and focused way. The concept appears to have taken off quite nicely, with contributions from seemingly every corner of the globe. From a reader perspective, this photoblog is interesting and entertaining, and a quick, easy read. The cinqpic format allows you to learn just enough about the contributor and/or his or her mood at the time, ad make up the rest of the story from the poem and the accompanying picture.

Summing Up In Cinq

Adria Balgassi’s inspiration in a child’s poem turned out to be quite an interesting blog project. Visit Adria’s project for some glimpses of life around the world, or contribute your own (anonymous contributions are accepted as well). It’s a unique pairing of the “visual and the literary” with a highly effective result.

Go here to check out In Cinq.

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Embrace Your Best Life

Where to Find EMBRACE Living:
Blog URL: http://embraceliving.net/blog/
Category: Personal Development, Self Improvement


EMBRACE Living is the blogging arm of Celestine Chua’s personal development website (also named EMRBACE Living). Celes (as she’s happy to be called) is a young woman who has quickly come to a realization about what living your best life really means, and unlike most, has had the courage and taken the initiative to do something about it early on.

EMBRACE Living – Why You Should Go

By the time Celes Chua quit her lucrative Fortune 100 marketing job at the age of 24, she had come full-circle to a level of understanding about personal development and living life to its fullest potential that most people do not reach for decades later (and truthfully, most will never at all). Not content to let societal impositions bind her, Celes left her satisfactory corporate world for one far better—one based on her own passions and true self, one with infinite earning potential because it was a true and contented path.

Her next move was to turn those passions into her life coaching business, of which the blog and advice are part and parcel. Posts on the blog cover all aspects of conscious living, including such topics as (but not limited to) career and work, money and finance, stress management, goals, emotional mastery, mindset, relationships, and much, much more.

In her own words, Celes summarizes the growth and purpose of her blog as follows.

“EmbraceLiving.Net was launched in Dec 2008 to help you achieve your highest potential and live your best life. It has been growing phenomenally in readership and quality content ever since it was launched…Every week, the blog is updated with new, life-improving articles covering topics such as Conscious Living, Goal Achievement, Maximizing Productivity, People Skills, Emotional Mastery, and so on, which deal with all areas of your life including Career, Relationships, Health, Finance, Spirituality, etc. All my articles are inspired from real events and experiences in my life…My only objective here is to help you achieve your highest potential and embrace your best life.”

Summing Up This EMBRACE Living

Celetine Chua shows a maturity and enjoyment of life that most people are never able to accomplish. Her posts are both practical and spiritual (in an open-ended sort of way, suiting to all belief, or non-belief systems), insightful and inspiring. A visit to Celes’ blog will make you contemplate your life in terms you probably have not considered, and help you along as you find the best path to your best life.

Go here to check out EMBRACE Living.

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Where Small Business Is A Big Deal!

Where to Find SmallBizBee.com:
Blog URL: http://smallbizbee.com/index/
Category: Business, Entrepreneurs


SmallBizBee.com is a blog packed full of small business resources for entrepreneurs. It is the work of Matthew Ringer, a small business owner and entrepreneur many times over—a resume that makes him just right for a blog about trying and sorting and finding what works in small business.

SmallBizBee.com – Why You Should Go

As mentioned, Matthew Ringer has had a few different (successful) experiences in entrepreneurship. When he embarked on his latest endeavor, a sports-based event management company in Florida State in the U.S., he decided to put his trials, tribulations, research, and resources to work for both himself and you. He started the blog alongside his business, and continues to maintain it as a way of journaling, working out the potentials and possibilities, and sharing useful information on starting and running a small business. Regular posts focus quite a lot on the business and impact of successful business branding, along with other small business news, tips, tricks, and tools—and some insight into what hasn’t worked so well, too.

From Matthew (About Page):

“I started Smallbizbee.com as a way to journalize my thoughts about business and to chronicle what is going well and what needs improvement in my daily business life. Since I think and discuss business on a daily basis, and have a passion for seeing myself and other succeed, starting a blog made logical sense. I could help myself get my thoughts in order while helping others. It’s also a great way for me to explore different business topics and ideas, while getting valuable input from you all. “

Summing Up SmallBizBee.com

Matthew Ringer’s blog is a first-hand account of what life in the trenches is for small business owners. Better than that, though, this is a first-hand account of what works for Matthew. Notably, his experience may be different form yours, and your own path will likely twist at least a little from his, but you’ll get further for having started on a path that has been known to lead to success.

Go here to check out SmallBizBee.com.

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The Personal Growth Of An Amazing Mind

Where to Find An Amazing Mind:
Blog URL: http://vladdolezal.com/blog/
Category: Personal Growth, Self improvement

An Amazing Mind

Vlad Dolezal has an amazing mind—and he’s spilling its contents all over his blog. A psychology-enthusiast at heart, Vlad is using his blog to share and explore the topic of personal growth in the most efficient way he knows.

An Amazing Mind – Why You Should Go

In reality, Vlad understands that all minds are amazing; so no, his blog is not a self-indulgent introspective on the wonders of Vlad and his brain, but rather on the wider concept of the human mind and learning to develop it to an optimal level for personal growth and success. Vlad’s posts are highly insightful, down-to-earth, and hard-hitting. Unlike many personal growth blogs, however, Vlad takes his a step further, understanding that all too often personal growth blogs are too much talk and not enough action, and so his posts focus on the actions that we can take to actually experience personal growth as well, rather than just learn all that we can about it.

Summing Up An Amazing Mind

In many ways, Vlad’s blog is a distillation of much of the best personal growth and empowerment information that is out there. Vlad has read as much on the subject as he can place hands on, and brings the best of it to his blog, along with personal experiences and practices in self improvement. In addition, he offers up interviews with some of the most respected writers and bloggers covering the topic (including Tim Brownson, who we also reviewed here). He has also written an eBook himself that is a collection of the best pearls of personal growth wisdom.

Vlad’s blog covers the topic of psychology and personal development from a number of angles. He’s got some very practical advice and examples, but he also works to build a community to expand the line of thinking, as Vlad also recognizes that the dynamic human mind is one that works in many mysterious ways. To learn more about what might work for you, join the discussion when you

Go here to check out An Amazing Mind.

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Purposeful Online Profits

Where to Find I Profit On Purpose:
Blog URL: http://iprofitonpurpose.com/blog/
Category: Internet Technology, Business, Personal Development

I Profit On Purpose

For Mary Anne Fisher, there is no profiting by accident; nor is there any accidental failure. There is only success or failure that comes as the result of a purposeful path of action and planning—or the absence thereof. It’s a strategy that Mary Anne came to understand after 20 years in corporate marketing and sales, and one that she brings now to her readers through her blog and her business.

I Profit On Purpose – Why You Should Go

Mary Anne understands the allure of online entrepreneurship. She also understands the very simple reasons why most people fail, or at least fail to achieve their goals of online profits with their online information businesses.

What Mary Anne understands is that most people, and also most online business marketing programs, do not account for the two most important aspects of growing an online business:

1. The person (that’s you—the unique person behind the business), and
2. The planning (for the long term, not just flash success).

Lots of online entrepreneurs will have one or the other, but few have both. The ones that do find success.

“A strong personal foundation is the primary ingredient in an information publishing success recipe. This foundation is comprised of your desires, beliefs, values, passions, strengths and life purpose.

Until you identify and know how to leverage these fundamental aspects of yourself, it’s virtually impossible to create the kind of information publishing business and lifestyle you truly desire.

The next key ingredient in a recipe for success is profit-generating marketing methods and tools… but only those that are just right for you and your business.”

Summing Up I Profit On Purpose

On her blog, Mary Anne goes much deeper into the facts and actions behind her strategy and online success. It is an extension of her own information publishing online business and coaching and consulting firm. This blog is packed-full of both business and personal strategies and explorations to make you a successful online information entrepreneur, and step-by step tutorials that walk you through the process from fledgling to full-fledged online business success.

Go here to check out I Profit on Purpose.

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Recap Review, March 21 Edition

This week we were largely dominated by outdoor and fitness blogs.  Must be the Springtime inspiration of Northeast U.S.?  Regardless, we found some excellent blogs to get you moving and enjoying the world around you.

Week In Review, March 21, 2009

  • After a quick word on the power of Social Networking and locating great blogs for reading and review, we checked in with two brothers who are spending some quality time and experiences of a lifetime together in Hiking With My Brother.  This a a hiking blog that should stand as an example to all hiking blogs of what one should be, with its comprehensive coverage of each hike and trail.
  • The trail adventures continued with Biking Hiking with Kids, a father-son blog covering all aspects of outdoor recreation as it relates to hiking, biking, and camping, and the dynamics and issues that are added when enjoyed together with children and youngsters.
  • Next up we went inside for a lifestyle change with Coach Jenn, a wife and mother-turned personal fitness coach who is showing how healthy a lifestyle any of us can be living–and giving us the tools and motivation to do it!
  • What’s fitness, hiking, and outdoor recreation without a good appreciation of nature?  Lacking.  And so, with the next blog review we came upon Nature Remains and joined Nina as she continues to discover the wonder right outside her door.
  • Last is never least here, and to round out the week we stopped in with J.S. Crews and his Backwoods Essentials blog.  J.S. is bringing us all the news, tutorials, information, and tools for simpler and backwoods living, including tips and tools for emergency preparedness and more.  Get ready for anything at the Backwoods Essentials blog.

That’s what we’ve been doing this week, but don’t stop here! See last week’s featured blog reviews in the March 14 Recap Review.

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Where to Find Backwoods Essentials:
Blog URL: http://backwoods-living.blogspot.com/
Category: Outdoors, Lifestyles

Backwoods Essentials

Backwoods Essentials is the work of J.S. Crews, an American living a simpler, “backwoods” lifestyle. Although this may seem like a new concept, it really is not. There is a fairly large population of people choosing this sort of (usually) “off the grid” lifestyle all across the world, and Crews is one helping them do it.

Backwoods Essentials – Why You Should Go

Crews’ blog, which is an accompaniment in part to his Backwoods Essentials storefront, is a collection of news, information and tutorials for backwoods and survival living. Although it caters largely to that “backwoods” crowd, it also caters to the more general populations of outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and even urbanites who are looking to become a little more self-sufficient and prepared. The blog is described as

“A blog to discuss life on a rural homestead; including gardening, long term food storage, alternate energy, emergency preparedness, survivalist and self-sufficiency topics.”

As such, it has information available for a wide variety of uses, and offers up useful knowledge that can be applied regardless of where you live.

Summing Up Backwoods Essentials

With life gone crazy, some people are finding refuge in getting back to the basics and simplifying life a little more; others are simply being better prepared in a world that at times can be very unpredictable. No matter what your intention, finding out how to achieve that goal will be a lot easier with Crews and his many resources.

Go here to check out Backwoods Essentials.

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