Due Recognition For Crime & Victims

bonnies-blog-of-crimeWhere to Find Bonnie’s Blog Of Crime:
Blog URL: http://mylifeofcrime.wordpress.com/
Category: Crime, Personal Interests

Bonnie’s Blog Of Crime

No one would argue that there is any shortage of crime in the world, and given the choice most of us would rather turn the other way and not think about it. Blogger Bonnie Prisbey is doing nothing of the sort, though—she is shining the light on criminals, crime, and victims of crime to make perpetrating such offenses all the more difficult.

Bonnie’s Blog Of Crime – Why You Should Go

Although pretending crime doesn’t happen seems the much more comfortable choice, pushing aside crime and criminals simply makes it that much easier for criminals to get away with it. Blogger Bonnie, however, is doing her best to make sure that doesn’t happen. She is using her “life of crime” blog to spotlight criminals and to expand exposure for those who need her help the most—missing persons and victims of violent crimes. The blog regularly features stories and commentary, as well as articles and advice for keeping you and yours safe. It also ‘hosts’ bios and inmate information, stories of crime, and missing persons information in an effort to get the word out.

Summing Up Bonnie’s Blog Of Crime

Bonnie’s Blog of Crime serves an important function, albeit one that we’d all prefer were unnecessary. Nevertheless, crime is not going away any time soon and so it is important to have bloggers like Bonnie out there looking out for our best interests and keeping the public informed.

Go here to check out Bonnie’s Blog Of Crime.

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Recap Review, August 29 Edition

Lots of good things going on in the blogosphere, as usual….

Week In Review, August 29, 2009

  • First off Steve is arming you for successful weight loss with all the best Weight Loss Weapons he can muster.
  • Looking for some of the best quick tips for success online?  Quick Online Tips is the place for you!  Go here for blogging tips, SEO, making money online and more!
  • Want to do more cooking with fewer rules?  You’ll love Jerry Russell’s Cooking By The Seat Of My Pants blog.
  • For the top in tech thoughts go to the pro; Bill Mullins has been in the biz since the beginning, and is a top blogger full of great Tech Thoughts.
  • For great money-saving, debt reduction, and personal finance tips, you want this blog–How I Save Money is walking the talk and sharing her effective money management strategies as she goes!

That’s our week, but last week was a great on too–check it out here for all of last week’s excellent blog reviews.

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More Than Frugal Living Tips

how-i-save-moneyWhere to Find How I Save Money:
Blog URL: http://www.howisavemoney.net/
Category: Personal Finance, Money

How I Save Money

How I Save Money may sound like another blog listing out tips and tricks for frugal living (and in part it is), but this blog offers a lot more than that. This is a blog that really encompasses personal finance and budgeting on a much wider scale.

How I Save Money – Why You Should Go

How I Save Money started out innocently enough as Lulu’s entry into the blogosphere which was a little unfocused at the time; soon enough, however, she found her voice and her niche by chronicling her efforts to reduce her mounted debt from years in college living off credit cards and loans to see her through. Lulu soon found that people had a strong interest in what she was doing to manage her personal finances, save money, and reduce her debt. As the questions grew so too did the answers and her blog’s readership, to what it is today.

What the blog is today is an ever-growing collection of tips and tricks to save money, but also proven ways to manage credit and reduce debt. These largely stem from a few simple strategies and effective use of online savings accounts and store programs, and also from a dedicated effort to get educated and take control of her finances before they take control of her. Her strategies have become so popular that Lulu has made several into recurring posts and dedicated pages (such as the CVS and ING pages).

Summing Up How I Save Money

How I Save Money is a simple enough blog concept, but one that is firmly grounded in the real world. Blogger Lulu is doing more than talking theory, she’s sharing real, workable ways to save money and build better personal finances.

Go here to check out How I Save Money.

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Tech Thoughts From The Top

tech-thoughtsWhere to Find Tech Thoughts:
Blog URL: http://billmullins.wordpress.com/
Category: Computers, Technology, Internet Technology

Tech Thoughts

Compared to the experience of Bill Mullins, most other online tech gurus are just babes in the woods. As Bill will tell you, he’s been in the biz since before there was a biz to be in, back in the day of the computing ‘dinosaurs’ when Commodores and Texans (instruments, that is) ruled the streets.

Tech Thoughts – Why You Should Go

To say that Bill Mullins is a well of computing and technology information is a gross understatement. Few people, and fewer bloggers, have the depth and breadth of information and experience that Bill does. It is this deep well of experience and information that he has decided to share on his blogs, which run on both WordPress and Blogger (under the names of Tech Thoughts and Bill Mullins, respectively). Both are blogs that deliver most everything that you would care to know in relation to the Internet and security, including

• Security and System Tools and Tips
• Software reviews
• News and views
• Downloads and links

Bill encourages an extremely active blog community through comments and discussions, and also excellent guest posts from all manner of experts and knowledgeable contributors—so the little that perhaps Bill doesn’t cover himself is more than made up for in his much expanded contributor posts.

Summing Up Tech Thoughts

It’s tough to sum up the knowledge of a man like Bill Mullins or a blog like Tech Thoughts. Suffice to say his blogs are leaders in the field for internet and technology information, offering more articles and information from both the personal and educational perspective than the average technology blog.

Go here to check out Tech Thoughts.

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Cooking…The Way It Should Be

cooking-by-the-seatWhere to Find Cooking By The Seat Of My Pants:
Blog URL: http://www.cookingbytheseatofmypants.com/
Category: Food, Cooking, Entertainment

Cooking By The Seat Of My Pants

The name of this blog drew me in the first time I saw it. What does that mean—Cooking by the seat of my pants? Basically, it means cooking the way I think most of us do, if not at first, eventually…just like blogger Jerry Russell did.

Cooking By The Seat Of My Pants – Why You Should Go

We’ve covered a lot of cooking and food blogs here at Digg It, but none of them quite like this one. Most of the blogs that we’ve covered, as most cooking blogs are, have been either blogs of professional cooks and chefs or blogs by everyday cooks who do things very much by the book. Not so with Jerry’s blog.

Jerry Russell is, as he says, “cooking by the seat of his pants.” Which simply means he’s tossed aside the cookbooks, the rules, the ‘must-do’s’ and ‘can’t do’s’ and has made cooking an adventure, mixing and matching and creating new combinations and fly-by-the-seat recipes as he goes. The results are usually mouth- and eye-watering, but as Jerry (a web-designer and pro blogger by technical profession) says, sometimes the results are only “so-so” and sometimes down-right disastrous; but every experience is a learning experience, and it all makes for good blogging, either for the food and taste value, the room-for-improvement value, or just the laughs at Jerry’s expense.

“Cooking by the Seat of My pants is more than just a really catchy name for a food blog. (Well, I think it’s pretty catchy.) It’s the way I cook. I rarely use a recipe, and if I do, I blatantly neglect to follow it once I get going. I just fly through the kitchen by the seat of my pants and cook for the sheer unadulterated pleasure it gives me…

…Cooking should be fun. It should be an adventure, and the best part of that adventure is sharing. Since I can’t invite the whole world for supper, and because I have no interest at all in returning to the world of the professional cook, this is my way of sharing.”

Summing Up Cooking By The Seat Of My Pants

Jerry Russell has taken a much less structured approach to his cooking, and one that feels much more ‘normal’ than many elite cooking blogs. His is more like cooking for those of us in the real world, all the while being also something of a permission slip to let yourself go, experiment, and enjoy your food and make it fun.

Go here to check out Cooking By The Seat Of My Pants.

*By the way—Jerry’s wife, currently serving in the U.S. Air Force, has recently been deployed overseas. He shares these challenges as well in his personal stories. Our respect and gratitude to Jerry, his wife, and family for their service and sacrifice.

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Quick Tips For Online Success

qotWhere to Find Quick Online Tips:
Blog URL: http://www.quickonlinetips.com/
Category: Technology, Blogging, Internet

Quick Online Tips

The possibilities of the Internet are virtually endless; which means the information possibilities are virtually endless, too. So how do you sort through it all to find the best information you can for all of your online endeavors? You find a blog like Quick Online Tips.

Quick Online Tips – Why You Should Go

“Quick Online Tips, also fondly known as QOT, is a popular blog regularly publishing Technology news, smart blogging tips, new media, web 2.0 services, useful computer software, and ways to make money online.”

Quick Online Tips is your one-stop shop for all things related to online technology. The expert blog delivers up posts related to just about anything you would want to do online, and is of particular interest to those who want to grow their online efforts into a meaningful source of income. Bloggers, tech geeks, would-be geeks, and novices alike all come together in this information melting pot to share knowledge and to learn from one another. With an active and welcoming guest blogging community onsite, there is never any lack of new information, and hardly a stone unturned relating to online or technology applications, software, blogging, SEO, or so many other topics.

Summing Up Quick Online Tips

From the latest tech news to the real deal on SEO to understandable ‘How To‘ collections, you’ll find almost all of your online and technology questions answered here. This blog just might be your ticket to online success.

Go here to check out Quick Online Tips.

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Arming You For Weight Loss

weight-loss-weaponsWhere to Find Weight Loss Weapons:
Blog URL: http://www.weightlossweapons.com/blog/
Category: Health, Fitness, Weight Loss

Weight Loss Weapons

After trying many supposed weight loss weapons and fad diets, Blogger Steve came to a conclusion of his own.

“The only way to lose that weight is to be conscious of what I’m eating and get my ass moving.”

His blog is his journal of that experience—just a regular guy struggling to meet his health, fitness, and weightloss goals, and hoping to inspire you to do the same.

Weight Loss Weapons – Why You Should Go

What is your best weapon in the fight for weight loss and better health? As Steve knows, it’s information. That is what he works to bring to you—the best information about the products and offerings out there, including a dedicated page for diet and weight loss scams to help you steer clear of both financial and fitness disaster, and the example of one who is right alongside you, working his way through the hurdles of losing weight and providing you some tips to take away for your own success. His categories cover everything from motivation and the benefits of losing weight to the more practical posts about diets, what works, what doesn’t, and also things like product reviews, rants and raves, reader questions, and more.

Summing Up Weight Loss Weapons

Want weight loss for the real world and not just the Hollywood elite? Want weight loss you can achieve and recreate for yourself? Then you want Steve’s blog. Join in for motivation and information and see your way to health!

Go here to check out Weight Loss Weapons.

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Recap Review, August 24 Edition

OK so I’m just a tad bit late on this week’s Recap Review, after a busy weekend at the community fair where my girls each gathered up ribbons for their baking creations (first and a second:) !).  Nevertheless, late is always better than never, right?  At least for the good stuff.

Week In Review, August 24, 2009

  • To kick off our last week of reviews, we traveled virtually all the way over to South Africa where the docs there are giving us a real-world view of the real people and some of the politics behind the medical gown.  For a new appreciation of the other side of medicine, stop in at All Scrubbed Up.
  • Next we met a Mom and yoga instructor who is working hard to maintain the two loves of her life, her practice of yoga and her family.  There’s a lot to be learned about joy in its many forms and maintaining a centered life of balance at A Yoga Mama Is A Rama Mama.
  • Next we learned some excellent tips, tricks, recipes, and more from a man who definitely knows his way around the kitchen. Share in Chef Tom’s passion for food and his excellent collection of recipes and ‘copycat’ recipes at Chef Tom Cooks.
  • I’m very happy to have this blog fall into today’s recap, as it also happens to be my 13th wedding anniversary!  Ronnie and Lamar are working hard to deliver real-world examples, discussion, and advice for married couples and families, covering all the good, the bad, and the ugly,  and helping readers as they work through it all, for better or worse, at Black and Married With Children.

That rounds out our blog reviews for the past week.  Check out more from the week before at the previous week’s Recap Review, and stay tuned as there’ll be somthing new coming right along in short order!

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blacn-and-married-with-kidsWhere to Find Black And Married With Kids:
Blog URL: http://blackandmarriedwithkids.com/
Category: Relationships, Parenting, Family

Black And Married With Kids

Bloggers seem to be very good at naming their blogs in quite self-explanatory ways; this is another blog where the name says it all, or at least most of it. This is a blog dealing with both the everyday issues and unique challenges that marriage, culture, parenting and children, and achieving the home-work balance can create.

Black And Married With Kids – Why You Should Go

Black and Married With Kids is the work of Lamar and Ronnie Tyler, a professional couple living and working and raising their family of four children in the Washington, DC, USA area. Their blog is focused quite heavily on all of the issues that impact a marriage, and also takes a wider world view into areas of interest. Ronnie and Lamar describe it as a place where they

“…share our opinions and points of view on relationships, parenting, politics, current events and anything in between.”

For readers, the multiple award-winning blog has become a place for insight, growth, inspiration, discussion, advice, and much more. The Tylers work hard to make this a community blog where topics are discussed rather than preached, opening up the blog as a sort of forum with each post, but most specifically with their category, Dear BMWK.

Summing Up Black And Married With Kids

Black and Married With Kids is a place of insight which takes on the always complex issue of parenting and maintaining healthy relationships. It’s no short order, but this couple has managed to build a place where real life meets the media world, and continues to work hard to lend advice and support to readers facing the triumphs and challenges of married life and raising children in a seemingly ever-changing landscape.

Go here to check out Black And Married With Kids.

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At Home In The Kitchen

chef-tom-cooksWhere to Find Chef Tom Cooks:
Blog URL: http://cheftomcooks.com/
Category: Food, Gardening, Personal Interests

Chef Tom Cooks

There is one place that Thomas Andrew is and always has been at home—in the kitchen. As he says, whether cooking for a packed restaurant or for family and friends at home, he always enjoys preparing great food for others, and no doubt they enjoy it, too.

Chef Tom Cooks – Why You Should Go

There is one other place that Chef Tom Andrews has come to feel at home, and that is on the internet. So, after working his way up through the ranks of the kitchen, becoming an established head chef, and also earning his degree in restaurant management to compliment his cooking talents, Chef Tom took his talents to the web-waves and developed his blog, Chef Tom Cooks.

What you’ll find at the blog are all sorts of posts with tips, tricks, instructions, and recipes (including some excellent copycat recipes of your favorite commercial flavors and products that you can make easily right at home–that alone made a subscriber out of me!). There are also posts about Chef Tom’s foray into growing his own ingredients in his home garden….everything a home-cook could want in a cooking blog (including the cookbook to go along with it).

Summing Up Chef Tom Cooks

That does about sum it up. Chef Tom brings us a blog full of great expert cooking advice that is simple enough for even the novice to make some excellent top-quality dishes, while providing all the resources you need to get the job done.

Go here to check out Chef Tom Cooks.

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