About Digg It

Do You Digg It was created by social media buff Sean Rasmussen.  Sean had a vision of a place where friends and bloggers could come to read about great blogs and to submit their own blogs for review in the interest of increasing exposure in a kind of “pay-it-forward” format, and so he developed Digg It, a blog devoted to blog reviews.

Here on Digg It we review blogs in all manner of categories, from serious topics to topics that are just fun and entertaining.  We will consider any blog for review, although adult topic blogs will not be posted simply because this is an open blog where children and adults of all ages will visit.

Currently the blog is adminstered by Sean Rasmussen and blog reviews are handled primarily by Sean and Mary Ward, a member of the review team.  If you would like to submit your blog for review, please visit the Submit Review Suggestions page, or make a comment with a link on any post on the site.

Thank You for reading Do You Digg It.  We hope you find many insightful, entertaining, and useful blogs here and hope to see your own blog as a candidate for review.