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That Mutt is a blog from a dog runner and dog sitter, Lindsay Stordahl. She is passionate about dogs and loves sharing training tips and other information relevant to dogs with her readers. You’ll find lots of great tips and get to share information with other dog owners and lovers.

That Mutt – Why You Should Go

That Mutt is a great site for dog lovers. You can share information about your dogs, get great training tips and find out about the latest products for your canine friends. The site is good for new dog owners too, since the training tips and information you’ll find is common sense and simple. There’s also great information about pet adoption here.

Summing Up That Mutt

That Mutt is the website of a dog enthusiast who dog sits and dog runs. She also owns her own dogs and loves to share training tips and other information with the readers on her site. Dog lovers will enjoy the site for its passion about dogs as well as the practical information the author shares.

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