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Maggie May And Her Luxating Patella

Maggie May is the ongoing blog-story of one pet cat, her miraculous discovery, and her ongoing dealings with a somewhat rare cat condition.

Maggie May – Why You Should Go

Maggie May and her Luxating Patella is the story of one couple, their love of their cat, and the cat’s story of life with a condition called luxating patella, or Patellar Luxation. The aim of the blog from the start was to chronicle life with Maggie May as she endured surgeries and she and her owners dealt with her condition, in the hopes that others with animals with the condition could share and learn from each other. The blog traces Maggie’s story all the way back to day one when she was discovered under the hood of a (moving) vehicle, on to the vet, and life at home.

In addition to Maggie’s chronicles, Maggie May also posts many topics of interest to pet and cat lovers. There are fun videos of Maggie ‘nipping out‘, and well as more serious posts about pet adoption and care.

Summing Up Maggie May

Maggie May makes for an interesting read and a good source of information in regards to her condition, but it also makes a very good cat blog in general, with much information to share for caring pet owners.

Go here to check out Maggie May.

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