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The Pet Haven

The Pet Haven is exactly what you would expect it to be from the name—it is a pet-centered blog built to provide you with all the basic and ongoing information you need to be a responsible pet owner.

The Pet Haven – Why You Should Go

The tagline says it best when it comes to explaining this blog:

A discussion of all things pets and the joy they bring, including news, tips, product reviews, fun stuff and more!

Author Matt has always had pets and always been a pet lover. As time went on and he struck out on his own, that love didn’t die. He created his blog to be a place for a wide range of pet care and ownership information, knowing that informed owners make better pet owners, and healthier, happier pets. Of course, his love of animals and pets also was a huge motivation for creating the blog.

The best thing about this blog is its wide appeal. This is not merely a cat blog or a dog blog, it is a blog for all types of pets in their many fabulous varieties and great diversity. It is a blog that celebrates all sorts of pets as it informs. It covers both the basics (like the true costs of pet ownership for a variety of animals) to the hot topics of the day (like H1N1 and your pets).

Summing Up The Pet Haven

The Pet Haven is a great blog for learning about pet ownership and gathering information to make wise choices about the pets you commit to. It is also a great blog for keeping up with the latest pet and pet health news.

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