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Train Your Dog Blog

Train Your Dog Blog is just what its name implies; a blog about dog training. The author, Eric Letendre, is a professional dog trainer, and offer some very good advice on dog training and living with your canine companion. There’s also some good advice on other dog topics, such as nutrition for your dog and meeting other dog lovers.

Training Your Dog Blog– Why You Should Go

This site offers very practical and useful information on dog training. It is geared toward the average dog owner who wants to improve their dog’s behavior through training sessions at home. Eric gives good insight into common dog behavior problems, including why the dog does what’s driving you nuts, and how to correct it at home.

Summing Up Train Your Dog Blog

The Train Your Dog Blog is a great source of information for dog owners who are training their dogs on basic commands or who have behavior issues to solve. It’s also a good site for any dog owner who wants to better understand their dogs and enjoy them more.

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