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Stuff On My Cat

Stuff On My Cat is all about cats and all about fun; pure entertainment for the animal lover in you.

Stuff On My Cat – Why You Should Go

Stuff On My Cat is basically a photoblog where site admin and contributors post their wacky and cute pictures of, what else? Cats! There’s nothing too serious here (ok, perhaps the occasional serious article—but they’re all good, too!)—it’s just a great site for cat lovers and animal lovers to come for some laughs and highlighted hyjinks, where visitors can laugh and share their own crazy photos, and maybe make a few friends along the way.

In addition to the blog, the site also features an active forum for cat lovers, an SOMC shop, an FAQ page to help you navigate, and more. And just for you dog lovers, there’s a page for dogs, too—called appropriately, Stuff On My Mutt.

Summing Up Stuff On My Cat

Stuff On My Cat is just plain fun and entertainment. What more needs to be said than that?

Go here to check out Stuff On My Cat.

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