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Trader Planet

Trader Planet is our second highlighted blog network; but Trader Planet (which happens to be home to the Trading Advice Blog) is more than a blog network, it is an entire online social network dedicated to trading and investing. It is a growing community of traders from all walks of investing life, built with the purpose of educating others to the reality and possibility of the world’s trade markets.

Trader Planet – Why You Should Go

Trader Planet is a well-designed site with a clear purpose and intention as an “…online community that is dedicated to teaching individuals how to trade world markets.”

They explain their mission in this way:

“Understanding stock trading is an intense and lifelong process – Experienced and successful traders often spend their entire careers learning about the market. No matter how successful those traders may become, there is always more to learn and new opportunities to take advantage of. The information available to you, as a beginning trader, can be daunting and confusing, with many beginning stock and commodities traders giving up without ever really trying to master the art. However, if you take the time to pour through that information and apply what is learning from the most credible sources, you can significantly increase the odds of making money by trading the world’s markets. TraderPlanet.com’s objective is to make the learning process a little easier.”

Summing Up Trader Planet

Trader Planet offers a wealth of information for new and seasoned traders alike. It also has a number of ready resources. A welcoming community for all with an interest in trading, the network shows its dedication to the greater good not only through its information sharing, but also through its featured Charity of the Month. Give Trader Planet a try if you’ve an interest in investment blogging, or if you are looking for new resources for your own personal trading use.

Go here to check out Trader Planet.

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