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B5 Media has a reputation as being a fun and informative blog network, hosting hundreds of top-quality blogs. We’ve reviewed this blog network for precisely this reason before. Many B5 Media blogs stand as primary blog resources in their particular fields. With growth, however, often comes growing pains. B5′s popularity resulted in a large and still growing network that became somewhat un-navigable. Until now.

B5 Media Branches Out And Reorganizes Content

“With over 300 successful and diverse blogs in their network, and hundreds of talented writers, b5media saw an opportunity to deliver a more well-rounded experience to their readership by showcasing content from across the network streamlined by topic and presented in this simple and efficient way.”

Don’t worry—all the great B5 Media blogs that you’ve come to know and love are still there, but now they have been arranged into four dedicated websites which better target reader interests. The four main categories under which the B5 media blogs reside are:

• Men’s Lifestyles (everyjoe.com)
• Women’s Lifestyles (blisstree.com)
• Fashion and Beauty (splendicity.com)
• Business (bizzia.com)

About the sites:

“Blisstree covers everything from parenting tips, cooking gadgets and recipes and eco-friendly advice, to party planning, dating tips and healthy dieting guides. Splendicity is about fashion, beauty and accessories – showcasing the best and worst in celebrity fashion, the hottest new beauty and skin care products, and the latest style trends. Bizzia features valued insights from bloggers along with exclusive interviews and reviews, timely business information, insights, and news. EveryJoe is the ultimate boys club. From tech tips and gaming tricks, to the latest sports news and entertainment buzz, EveryJoe delivers non-stop action to men on the go.”

The result is an even more inviting set of collaborative sites that make it easier for you to find the types of blogs that interest you, saving you your precious time and getting you to the goods faster. Kudos to B5 for continuing to deliver great content, and for understanding what benefits readers before we did!

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