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Looking to learn more about blogging? Looking to give your blogs a boost? Interested in finding out how your business can benefit from a blog‚Äîeven if you don’t have time to maintain one? Find the answers to all these questions and many more blog and web-related queries on Remarkablogger.

Remarkablogger is the work of Michael Martine, respected blog consultant and blog coach. This blog is a reference site for all types of bloggers, including would-be bloggers floundering for a start and seasoned blog veterans. Michael Martine has been running Remarkablogger since 2005 and during that time has compiled loads of archived information covering nearly every topic a blogger could need to know (and some you could even live without that are just plain handy to have).

This is how Michael Martine describes what he’s doing with Remarkablogger:

“I‚Äôm using my blog as a platform to help others become better bloggers, because nearly all the terrific benefits you can get from blogging are even more rewarding when you blog better. If your goal is making money from blogging, being a better blogger will help you make more. If your goal is to help your business through blogging, being a better blogger will help your business even more. If your goal is to help people in some endeavor, being a better blogger will help you accomplish that more effectively.”

Remarkablogger – Why You Should Go

No matter what kind of blog you are interested in running‚Äîa casual personal blog, a business blog, a revenue-generating rant and rave‚ÄîRemarkablogger will give you the tips and tricks and resources to do it in a bigger and better way. Visit Remarkablogger regularly and you’ll get

• Access to prime free downloads

• Professional advice from an experienced blog consultant and blog coach

• Admission to an active blog community, complete with all the support systems implied therein

• Instruction in all the simple and complex aspects of blogging, including WordPress themes, installations, and plugins

‚Ä¢ A hand to point you toward starting or improving a blog and access to professional services for those aspects you can’t (or don’t want to) manage yourself

Michael Martine gives you all of this, and he delivers in a way that is at once insightful, informational, interesting, and entertaining. Michael is a smart guy with big blogging knowledge, but he is also open and inviting, and intelligent enough to talk in terms the technologically challenged can understand.

Summing Up Remarkablogger

What more can I say? Remarkablogger is a great resource for bloggers of all sorts. Visit this blog often to learn how to make more of your blogging efforts and maximize your blog’s potential.

Go and check out Michael Martine’s Remarkablogger for yourself.

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