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Francessa’s Blog Research

“Constructing and Deconstructing Blogs and the Blogosphere: Approaches – Methods – Studies – Publications”

If this blog sounds familiar it is because we visited Francessa Rich a while back at her Francessa’s Thinking blog. You might recall her as the teacher and researcher specializing in the internet communication of teens. At the time of her first review I mentioned her other blog—Francessa’s Research Blog—which is equally deserving of review all its own.

Francessa’s Blog Research – Why You Should Go

Francessa’s Research Blog (which is maintained in both English and German) is where she shares many of her researched sources. The blog is not as regularly updated, as it looks to depend largely on the current status and reach of her research, but as a compilation of work it offers a lot. Research topics break down into several themes and categories, including

• History/Basics/General
• Archetypes of Blogs & Bloggers
• Search Engines, Rankings & More
• Studies, Survey, Research, Polls
• Blogging & Concepts of Community
• Influence of Blogs & Blogosphere
• Blogging and Education
• Regional Blogospheres
• Blogging & Journalism
• PR & Corporate Blogging
• Sports Blogs
• Books
• Teens and SNS

But perhaps Francessa describes it best: “This blog is a gathering place, an instant database, collecting a sound body of evidence.”

Summing Up Francessa’s Blog Research

Francessa’s Research Blog is a reliable resource for information relating to teens and the internet, as well as blogging and its impact. Go here to learn from Francessa, gain insight into the world of and behind the scenes of blogging, and for direction to leading informational resources on a variety of internet and blog-related subjects.

Go here to check out Francessa’s Blog Research.

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