Recap Reviews, February 7 Edition

The first week in February found some great blogs, and brought some excellent submission suggestions out of the woodwork!  Thank you to all of those who submitted a blog link for review, and please–keep them coming!  Tell your blogging friends!

Week In Review, February 7, 2009

As is the custom (at least I’m making it one), here’s a link to last week’s review in case you missed those great blogs: Week in Review, January 31, 2009.

Now, on to the latest and greatest….

  • Continuing a bit on the parenting theme that rose to the forefront last week, we had an excellent suggestion from one of our readers to review Dad’s Adventure.  This is the blog of American Greg Bishop, the creator of the well-known Boot Camp for New Dads.  There is a lot of excellent parenting advice, targetted primarily to men, but good for all, and a wealth of resources here for expecting and new Dads and parents of young children.
  • Our next review also came to us through a reader.  We were glad to be introduced to Lee Potts’ Breaking Murphy’s Law, a blog written by an expert in public presentation matters, designed to help you buck the odds and succeed wildly through education and preparation.
  • A third reader suggestion took us back to the motherland, to a blog offered for the purposes of supporting and connecting mothers to mothers.  It’s an always-on job, and one we’re glad to see 24/7 Moms helping out with.
  • For our last blog of the week, we took a walk on the tech side.  zMogo brought us their zMogo Tech Stuff blog, an information-packed blog and forum filled with additional resources and posts in gaming, SEO and web, design, gear and gadgets, and much more.

That wraps our week.  Hope you’ll all join us back here for another great week of blogs and reviews.  This week I had the good fortune of receiving some excellent blog suggestions; in fact, every blog reviewed this week came through reader submission.  All suggestions are greatly appreciated, and all you have to do is leave a comment below (or on any blog post at Digg It).

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  1. Lee Potts Says:

    Thank you very much for the nice review Mary. I really appreciate it and I’m glad you liked my site.

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Most welcome, Lee!

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