Recap Reviews, January 31 Edition

Not only does this week’s recap close out a week, it closes out an entire month–and an important month at that, being the first of the New Year.  Don’t worry, I’m not going to link back to the entire month’s worth of blog reviews, but I will link you out to our weekly review category so you can explore them yourself, all set up in four neat little packages.  And now, let’s take a look at what we dugg up (puns totally intended, jut for fun) this week at Do You Digg It.

Week In Review, January 31, 2009

  • Our first post of the week was not actually a review, it was a request for review suggestions.  We had readers wanting to know how to submit their favorite blogs, and so another blog submission post was in order.  Sean and I also figured it was time to make this official, so a submission page was added to the site so readers can always find out how to make a blog review request or suggestion.
  • The first actual review of the week was of Anthony’s What I See Out My Window blog, a unique community photoblog experience.  Don’t miss this global affair, a one-of-a-kind effort.  Maybe even head over and submit your own view!
  • Then it was on to Peter Aldin’s Freakedout Fathers blog, a unique experience all its own where Dads connect and support each other through the trials of children and family.  It’s a decidedly male perspective on parenting, but one that both men and women stand a lot to gain from.
  • Don’t let the next parenting blog’s pinkness throw you; Katy Lee’s Adventures in Parenting blog is a place for both Mothers and Fathers to share and learn from the trials and tribulations of a Mom with the benefit of experience four-times over.  Share the adventures and share the support with Katy.
  • FInally, we turned our attention to an issue all of us wish we had the luxury of ignoring, yet everyone is touched by; Marijke’s Cancer Commentary blog is supporting people touched by cancer in any way, while delivering the news from the field.

That concludes our week of posts, and now off to do some more digging.  Enjoy these blogs and be sure to check out last week’s recap review if you haven’t already and get the scoop on more great blogs!

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3 Responses to “Recap Reviews, January 31 Edition”

  1. katy Says:

    Don’t let the next parenting blog’s pinkness throw you

    LOL, it is rather pink, isn’t it?

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Ha ha, no offense intended, of course. I like the pink! It’s just such a contrast after the distinct masculinity of Freakedout Fathers! :)

  3. Do You Digg It | Recap Reviews, February 7 Edition Says:

    [...] As is the custom (at least I’m making it one), here’s a link to last week’s review in case you missed those great blogs: Week in Review, January 31, 2009. [...]

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