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Rose DesRochers – World Outside My Window

Rose DesRochers is addicted to writing. That works out well for her, given her affinity for blogging and writing, or perhaps it is her addiction that is the benefit to her projects and her blog. In any case, Rose’s addiction is our gain, as this blog is her outlet, a little bit of everything all wrapped up in one blog.

Rose DesRochers World Outside My Window – Why You Should Go

Rose’s blog is just one of her online outlets, the others being the forum and community that she has built for other bloggers and writers, both excellent resources for learning and support. Her blog she describes as a collection of posts on

“…a variety of topics including odd news, technology, internet safety, child exploitation, blogging, and life in general…”

Here she writes about current events, daily life, and controversial subjects that pique her interest. Obviously the blog is a bit of a mix, which is a nice distraction from many of our blog reviews where the subject is ultra-focused; it’s a little bit of everything, a surprise every visit, and a great place to think and learn, and even find some great pointers for avoiding spammy con-artists.

Summing Up Rose DesRochers – World Outside My Window

Rose has lots if interests and lots to say on everything from environmental initiatives to creative writing. Stop in and see what you might share as a common interest, and join in the community that Rose has been building these past two years and more.

Go here to check out Rose DesRochers – World Outside My Window.

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  1. Rose Says:

    Wow, thank you Mary. I must say that I’m flattered.

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    You’re very welcome, Rose. I really enjoyed the blog, so thank you!

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