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Francessa’s Thinking

Hoping to expand our international reach a bit beyond our three nations of main interest—which have been, up until now, Australia (Sean’s & Digg It’s real home), the U.S. (mine), and Canada (close by), I was excited to see that Lydia from Writerquake was recommending a blog written by a woman who lives/commutes between Austria and Germany (the blog, however, is in English). I had high hopes that this would be a blog worth reviewing, and I wasn’t disappointed. Actually when I got there I had a choice of two great blogs, but more on that another day…

Francessa’s Thinking is written by Francessa Rich, a teacher and researcher researching the internet communication of teens. Her posts include many reviews of thought-provoking books and movies, and also posts of a more natural and observational nature. It’s a nice balance and an easy read on some interesting subjects.

Francessa’s Thinking – Why You Should Go

As I mentioned when I got to Francessa’s blog I had a choice to make—which of her two to review (the other being her research-focused blog)? And I very nearly went with the other for today, because it offered some very interesting views and analyses of blogging and life through the internet. But I thought it more appropriate to start with this one, to where Lydia sent me.

The reason for my choice was the reason for Lydia’s blog, which does so nicely capture the spirit of blogging. She began her blog in the interest of connecting with and learning from people all over the world, and also to give others “a glimpse of European points of view.” Hers is a highly respectable task that offers the opportunity to open the mind, expand your horizons, and understand a bit more about diverse cultures, worth sharing for the premise of the blog itself.

Summing Up Francessa’s Thinking

Francessa’s thinking is a rare opportunity in blogging. It is written in English (with the warning that Francessa is not a native English speaker, but you’d never know it to read it!) with an admirable goal, and what’s more it offers information of insight and value. If being one in a global community is your goal, this is a blog to put on your list.

Go here to check out Francessa’s Thinking.

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5 Responses to “What Francessa’s Thinking”

  1. Lydia Says:

    I am so excited to read your excellent review of Francessa’s excellent blog! She’s sleeping now as it’s 2:07 AM on Friday in Vienna. But I just sent a red-flagged email to her letting her know this news. We’ve become good friends and we actually email one another much more frequently than my sister and I do! I think she has a beautiful mind and such an engaging blog. As you mentioned, reading Francessa’s Thinking gives me a chance to be a part of that global community, something very important to me.

  2. francessa Says:

    Hi Mary,

    thank you so much for your great and favorable review! I’m also very grateful to Lydia from Writerqake (whose blog you reviewed recently) for pointing out francessa’s thinking to you!

    May I suggest another blog for your review to keep up with your international angle (which I really appreciate)?

    It’s Topsyturvydom, by Rob Spence, a lecturer in English literature from Manchester, UK.
    His URL: http://spencro.blogspot.com/

  3. Mary Ward Says:

    @ Lydia – Agreed completely. You couldn’t have told me 15 years ago I would be working and connecting with such a diverse international population, but I’m so glad I am and so glad to be expanding my horizons so! Thanks for tuning us in to Fancessa!

  4. Mary Ward Says:

    Hello Fancessa,

    Yes we appreciate Lydia’s contributions, too!

    You are most welcome for the review–thank you for the blog! We appreciate your international contribution to expanding the blogosphere beyond national borders.

    Thank you very much for your suggestion, too. I will definitely check that out! I’d love for us to get around the world a little more.

    Thanks a lot!

  5. Do You Digg It | Francessa’s Blog Research Resources Says:

    [...] this blog sounds familiar it is because we visited Francessa Rich a while back at her Francessa’s Thinking blog. You might recall her as the teacher and researcher specializing in the internet communication [...]

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