Which Blog Networks Lead The Way?

One thing I’ve learned after a hundred forty + blog reviews is that many come from leading blog networks. Not all, of course, there are just as many that are privately hosted or hosted on WordPress or BlogSpot or another platform of choice. Nevertheless, it is helpful to know that there are some reliable places to look for new blogs to follow, and blog networks capable of delivering.

Who Do You Love?

Just as we all have our favorite blogs, many of us probably have favored blog networks, too. I know certain ones emerge time and again as I scour the internet for new blogs to review. I’ll be highlighting these blog networks from time to time and reviewing them alongside our Digg It blog reviews. As always, though, our readers have a voice, too, so please do tell—what is your favorite blog network? What network consistently delivers great blogs again and again? Which network do you feel is a reliable place to go whenever you feel the need to locate new blogs?

And please, also tell a bit about why you feel the way you do. What makes this network so great? Are they a niche site? Is it something about their management or purpose?

All comments and recommendations are deeply appreciated. The comments are open and waiting below.

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