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eNidhi: The Professional Amateur

Dubbing himself ‘the Professional Amateur’, Shrinidhi Hande, better known as Nidhi or eNidhi on the Internet, uses his blog to share his knowledge and interests—which are wide and varied.

eNidhi: The Professional Amateur – Why You Should Go

eNidhi‘s blog is technically best categorized as a personal blog due to its wide-ranging interests. However, as is the case with many bloggers, there is a lot of cross-over between Nidhi’s personal and professional life, and so the blog has much to offer from Nidhi’s more personal side and interests, but also loads to offer from his working and professional life as a Business Analyst.

The blog is a true mix of everything that makes Nidhi who he is, and includes posts and topics from each and every aspect of his life, including business and travel posts, reviews (car and bike, service, books, and more), and humorous posts of Nidhi’s experiences and other entertaining anecdotes. Nidhi’s mind is a deep well of information and insight, all of which comes through on his blog.

Summing Up eNidhi: The Professional Amateur

eNidhi’s blog has much to offer in many different venues. Connect with Nidhi to share and to learn, and to make another excellent, informative, and entertaining acquaintance on the internet.

Go here to check out eNidhi: The Professional Amateur.

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