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The Whitejacket blog is brought to us by Benjamin, chef, food lover, and gifted food photographer. The blog is an adventure and exploration of all things cooking.

Whitejacket – Why You Should Go

Benjamin has both a real love of food and a real talent in creating and recreating it. This becomes readily apparent after just a few moments on the blog. What’s even better, Benjamin knows his topic well, and strives to make Whitejacket

“…an informative site where the ultimate goal is to assist the hungry chef. Be it at a professional level or for food lovers.”

Both professional and amateur chefs alike will find plenty to encourage and inspire them at this blog. Topics range from professional to pastry, homecooking, and everything across the spectrum. Benjamin is a talented photographer as well, and there is more than a little to see and to learn about food photography here. If photography isn’t your thing, if nothing else, the pictures will tempt your palate!

Summing Up Whitejacket

The Whitejacket blog is a comprehensive destination for novice and accomplished cooks and chefs that will inspire you as it teaches.

Go here to check out Whitejacket.

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The Salt Of Life

a-dash-of-saltyWhere to Find A Dash Of Salty:
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Category: Personal Interests, Hobbies, Family

A Dash Of Salty

Some men just seem to know what’s important in life—and Jeffrey Weeks, in my book, is one of them. His blog is evidence of that.

A Dash Of Salty – Why You Should Go

A Dash of Salty is Jeffrey’s blog about everything that matters to him—family, food, and fun seems a fitting summary. Jeffrey blogs from the shores of North Carolina in the States, where he talks about his saltwater fishing adventures, his home, family, garden, movies, and entertainment. Along the way he treats us to delicious recipes (primarily for his seafood fare) and tempting pictures—not just of the food, but of just about everything that is going on in his life and on the blog.

Jeffrey’s version of the blog’s summary:

“Posts on saltwater fishing, popular entertainment, sports, gardening, the world at large, and the family at hand.”

Summing Up A Dash Of Salty

Jeffrey Weeks seems to have struck a most harmonious balance in life. His blog is entertaining, interesting, and in many ways relaxing, as there is something quite comforting about knowing that there are people out there who just simply “get it”—life, that is.

Go here to check out A Dash of Salty.

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Of Bytes And Hertz

bytes-and-hertzWhere to Find Bytes And Hertz:
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Category: Hobbies, Personal Interests

Bytes And Hertz

I’ve never really understood all that much about ‘Ham’ radio (amateur radio) or about the hobby and culture of it, but all that might change now thanks to this blog.

Bytes And Hertz – Why You Should Go

I think the concept of amateur radio always fascinated me, but I was never quite sure what one would say. Thanks to Nat Harrington and his blog, now I might have some idea.

Nat’s blog, Bytes and Hertz, is a blog all about amateur or ham radio. Nat has been an enthusiast for many years, and even has a professional background in TV broadcast—so yes, he knows his stuff. His blog covers all aspects of the hobby, including news and politics of note and debate, associations, uses, events, benefits, and the list goes on. It is an absolute definite for other amateur radio enthusiasts and a place of interest for those who’ve always wondered, like myself. If you are just thinking about getting in on the fun, this is a definite stop for you, too.

Summing Up Bytes And Hertz

There is no chance of boredom at this blog for the amateur radio hobbyist. With all the additional trivia, features, and gadgets, there’s really no chance of boredom for any visitor. If you love ham radio, or are just enticed by the idea, be sure to check out this blog.

Go here to check out Bytes and Hertz.

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Savor These Cooking Videos!

Where to Find Savory TV:
Blog URL: http://www.savory.tv/
Category: Food, Cooking, Personal Interests

Savory TV

What if we told you that there was a blog that could help you to eat each and every day like you would in a fine restaurant? Right from the comfort of your own home? Well, there is. Yes, you have to do the rewarding dirty work (unless you have someone else in the house to pass it onto), but the reward is more that worth the effort when you learn to create your own fine fare! (And if you’re cooking anyway, why shouldn’t it be great?)

Savory TV – Why You Should Go

At Savory TV, they’re taking all the best cooking videos from real, live chefs on the web, sorting through them and bringing them to you. They are also creating a few of their own for something completely unique. What is delivered in the blog posts are the videos, the recipes, and a discussion to explain and help you along. You get the complete package for cooking up restaurant dishes all for the low price of…one blog visit!

But does all this make sense? Can’t you just search YouTube yourself and do all this? Yes and no. If you have nothing else to do but to weed through the riff-raff, sure. If you want the whole package (the commentary, the deciphered recipe, etc.) you’ll need to come here anyway, so why not start at the end? As if this weren’t enough, Savory TV also delivers unique articles with advice from top chefs on topics like how to save money in the kitchen.

“You may wonder, with so many cooking video sites online, why another?

“Simple. Because Savory Tv weeds out and delivers only the best chef recipe videos. Sorting the gems from the debris out there can be quite the task, especially when your time and grocery money are at stake. We also try whenever possible to include the recipe (with due credit) or a link to the recipe in the post, to further save your time. If the video is lacking a written recipe, we break it down and write it for you.”

Summing Up Savory TV

Savory TV has put it all together so you can learn from the best and enjoy the best possible meals at home, affordably. Their format makes learning easy and fun, giving you both a written reference and a video format so you can learn by watching. You won’t go hungry when you follow this blog!

Go here to check out Savory TV.

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Where to Find A Postcard A Day:
Blog URL: http://apostcardaday.blogspot.com/
Category: Hobbies, Personal Interests, Photography

A Postcard A Day

Blogger Sheila has inherited a few things from her father—both the nomadic spirit and a love of postcards. Through her blog she is continuing to revere that spirit and the hobby, and sharing her collection and thoughts along the way.

A Postcard A Day – Why You Should Go

“I’m one of those people who have led a nomadic existence, and so did my parents. My father started collecting postcards as a way to continue this life at least in spirit. I’m continuing the collection and posting at least one, chosen at random, each day.”

It seems the nomadic spirit was born into Sheila‘s blood, as her father’s before her. So his example of fulfilling that love was easily passed on to her. After many years by her father’s side enjoying the postcards and tales from places afar, Sheila began her own collection, which continues on today and has taken on a new life on her blog. Each day, Sheila chooses a new unique postcard from the collection and offers up a little bit of history or story to go along with it, often from the original sender. It’s a unique way to celebrate the diversity of the world in a fun and interesting way.

Summing Up A Postcard A Day

A Postcard A Day is loosely akin to the many picture a day photoblogs that are out there, which are wonderful for their local takes on life around the planet, but with the unique twist of the postcard as subject. The tales from the cards add a very personal and diverse element, much like exploring the world throughout different places and times and walking in the shoes of numerous diverse personalities.

Go here to check out A Postcard A Day.

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A Brotherhood Of Hikers

Where to Find Hiking With My Brother:
Blog URL: http://www.hikingwithmybrother.com/
Category: Outdoors, Hobbies, Lifestyles

Hiking With My Brother

J Barnes is out hiking with his brother, and enjoying some of the best scenery and outdoor experiences that Northwest America has to offer. Not to mention the companionship and experience of sharing meaningful living with one of the most important people in his life, his brother.

Hiking With My Brother – Why You Should Go

I’ll be honest, I like this blog simply for its concept—two brothers, sharing a common interest, enjoying the outdoors, living a healthy lifestyle, and sharing quality time together. That was enough to get me to visit the blog from BlogCatalog. It’s almost enough of a reason to review the blog, but then we have that nagging question of content to consider. It didn’t nag for long, however, as the content of this a blog was top-notch, too.

The two brothers blogging share each of their Northwest (USA) hiking adventures with us. They take us virtually to some beautiful and interesting locations, and then back it up with all the best online media tools. For starters, each hike description (which is detailed, compelling, and thorough) is accompanied by a Google Map and trailguru map that shows the location and the trails that were explored (now if I could find some snowmobiling trails tracked on there, I’d be a happy snowmobile blogger for sure!). Even better, the posts include pictures from the hike, and cool virtual features like Photosynth experiences.

Summing Up Hiking With My Brother

Hiking With My Brother has everything you’d want to see in a hiking blog—it’s got the stories from the trail, the media and information to replicate great hikes, reviews of locations and trails, and the virtual experience to go along with it all. If you have any interest in exploring the trails of the Northwest U.S., or even in just living a bit through the adventures of others, this blog is a definite destination for you.

Go here to check out Hiking With My Brother.

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Appreciating Layers Of Art

Layers Upon LayersWhere to Find Layers Upon Layers:
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Category: The Arts, Personal Interests

Layers Upon Layers

Layers Upon Layers is the place where artist Cyndi Lavin proves once and for all that all things are worth keeping—and can be put to higher use with a little imagination and an artistic eye. This is her mixed-media art blog where she shares her passion and her projects, running strong now since 2006.

Layers Upon Layers – Why You Should Go

Cyndi’s battle cry—”Don’t throw ANYTHING out!” is one that has been with her since childhood. It’s one that has served her well in her artistic medium, and served her readers well as they explore the new possibilities that the most unlikely of objects can bring.

In her original introductory post, Cyndi describes her blog as “a mixed media wonderland, where no materials are considered too strange to use in making something!” The projects and pieces she displays on her blog are living proof of that.

In addition to showcasing her own artistic works, Cyndi offers in-depth interviews with artists and creative professionals, instructional posts, reviews, and much, much more.

Summing Up Layers Upon Layers

Layers Upon Layers offers layers upon layers of good reading for the artistically minded. Come for new ideas, inspiration, kids’ crafts, or just to indulge in daily art appreciation.

Go here to check out Layers Upon Layers.

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Timeless Enjoyment – Drinks After Dark

Drinks After DarkWhere to Find Drinks After Dark:
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Category: Entertainment, Hobbies

Drinks After Dark

Somehow reviews for drink- and cocktail-inspired blogs just seem so fitting for the weekends. By now few of us probably have much energy left for complex intellectual blogs, and are no doubt open to blogs that help us wind down and enjoy the after hours a little more. In the past we’ve reviewed beer blogs and wine blogs, but today we take a broader vision to a blog that covers a bit of it all. Colleen Coplick’s Drinks After Dark offers a wider range including cocktails, beers, and wines.

Drinks After Dark – Why You Should Go

Drinks After Dark isn’t just about drink recipes, it’s about anything and everything related to drinks of choice and cocktails. That includes cooking with beer and wine, posts about how to buy and enjoy various drinks and liquors, gadgets and collector’s items, reviews, and stories about cocktails in the news. There’s really a lot more to know than you might imagine, and this blog is an informative and interesting resource.

Summing Up Drinks After Dark

There’s something for everyone at Colleen’s place, where the drink talk flows freely and the conversation is relaxing. Pick your passion and join in, make some friends and come away with a new appreciation and enjoyment of the world of Drinks After Dark.

Go here to check out Drinks After Dark.

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Vice/Virute blogWhere to Find Vice/Virtue:
Blog URL: http://skinnymoose.com/vicevirtue/
Category: Rock Climbing, Adventure


“‚Ķsome people couldn‚Äôt relax if they had a lifetime to learn how.”

Obviously Summer Robinson (to whom this quote is attributed) is one of those people; that becomes immediately apparent when you read her blog, Vice/Virtue.

Summer is an avid rock-climber. Being a woman she is something of a minority in the world of climbing. She describes herself as “One girl climber obsessed with news, gear, training, and the human condition.” Whose motto is, ‚ÄúLive intensely your vices and your virtues.‚Äù Her blog is a place where she combines her motto and her passions, delivering news from the climbing world as well as informative and educational posts for newbie’s, would-be’s, and experienced climbers.

Vice/Virtue – Why You Should Go

It’s hard to ignore a person so committed to both her virtues and vices. That type of person is passionate about what they do, and couldn’t hide that passion if they tried (or spent a lifetime trying to learn how). It’s an infective kind of spirit, much like that experienced at The Adventurists’ blog.

Like The Adventurist, Summer Robinson brings us insight into a world that can come only from first-hand experience. For the initiated she is a reliable resource for climbing news and gear reports (among other useful topics); for the uninitiated, she provides an opportunity for exploration into an unknown and exciting world.

Summing Up Vice/Virtue

There’s a lot going on at Vice/Virtue, and a lot of ways to translate the interest of this passionately maintained blog, but one of the best things about it is Summer’s spirit of independence that is so obvious when you read her posts. Not only is hers an independent sport, but Summer works hard to maintain the rights and independence of others in it and related to it by openly discussing controversial topics. Hers is a blog with high interest inside and outside of her niche, written by a woman with a refreshing pride and confidence in her point of view.

Go here to check out Vice/Virtue.

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An Interest In Astrology Explored

Astrology Explored BlogWhere to Find Astrology Explored:
Blog URL: http://www.astrologyexplored.com/
Category: Astrology, Personal Interest

Astrology Explored

Astrology has been a practice that has risen and fallen throughout the ages, but that never is gone far or for long. It engages our imaginations as well as our emotions, and captures us all at some level. Still, many of us know little about this science that is said to have been an influence upon wars and nations. And many of us remain ignorant of it, and what it can tell us. For many of us, Astrology is little more than a vague and wide-sweeping prediction in the weekly paper. But as Beth Turnage will tell you, the possibilities of astrology are much more.

Astrology Explored – Why You Should Go

Believer or not, admitted or not, we all have at least a small inkling of interest in the world of Astrology. After you visit Astrology Explored, you may have more.

At Astrology Explored Beth Turnage offers in-depth explanations of Astrology and its applications and uses. She applies her craft to analyze crimes and news, to make weekly forecasts and personal predictions. By doing so, she shows how the science is applied to everyday life, showing it to be more that just fun and fortunes. Reading her posts offers you something more to consider about this line of work that you might agree has been too casually dismissed as star-gazing and hocus pocus. Whatever you think of Astrology, it is worth a visit to Beth’s blog to make an informed decision.

As for the author herself, she knows her work well. Beth is a professional astrologer with 19 years of experience and a professional practice counseling clients. She is also a weekly contributor for a Connecticut, US newspaper.

Summing Up Astrology Explored

The blog is what the name says it is. It is a chance to explore Astrology with a pro and explore the possibilities further. Visit Astrology Explored to see what the stars might hold for you!

Go here to check out Astrology Explored.

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