Dave’s Political Satire

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Dave’s Political Satire

This is the blog of humor writer David Martin. He’s a Canadian, aye, but he sure knows a lot about American politics and political figures. He does a great job of putting an interesting and humorous spin on the goings on in the American government. His writing is fresh and his blog is up to date on current events.

Dave’s Political Satire– Why You Should Go

For a great laugh. You’ll get a whole new look at what Washington is up to. Martin’s work has appeared in many North American newspapers and he is the author of several books. He has had great coverage of the oil spill, healthcare reform and even the whole Tiger Woods mess in recent months.

Summing Up Dave’s Political Satire

Political humor at its finest. Martin isn’t particular partisan; he makes fun of everything and everybody and does so quite well. He is also able to make fun of the situation without being offensive. He doesn’t, for example, make fun of the oil spill, but rather the people responsible for it.

Go here to check out Dave’s Political Satire.

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Sleep Talkin Man

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Category: humor

Sleep Talkin Man

Adam Lennard is, we’re told, a mild mannered Englishman by day. At night, however, it seems that someone else comes alive. Someone who is sometimes foul mouthed sometimes freaked out, but always funny. You see, Adam Lennard talks in his sleep. Every night, all night. And his wife records it and posts it on his website each morning.

Sleep Talkin Man – Why You Should Go

It’s one of the funniest blogs going. Adam’s wife Karen posts not only the transcripts of her husband’s nighttime musings, but she posts the audio clips as well. It’s actually far funnier when you listen to them, because of his soft spoken voice and British accent.

Summing Up Sleep Talkin Man

A very funny read. This is definitely a good way to brighten up your day. You never know what Adam is going to talk about next. Karen Lennard has definitely made the most out of all the sleep she’s losing. She sells t-shirts, mugs, greeting cards and other items with her husband’s musings on them. You can get merchandise right on the website.

Go here to check out Sleep Talkin Man.

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Category: Humor, Office life


Workforced is a humor blog written by, shall we say, a somewhat disgruntled employee. He’s not really disgruntled about his job in particular, but more about office life and the corporate machine in general. I’m not sure what Don Joe does for a real living, but he should be writing instead.

Workforced– Why You Should Go

It’s hilarious. If you’ve ever worked in an office environment; you’ll get it. Don Joe never fails to catch the absurdity and lost sense of logic that prevails in corporate America. I write a lot of website reviews, and this is the first time I’ve actually laughed out loud. The writing is witty, sarcastic and right on target. The illustrations are fantastic. You’ll add it to your weekly reads. And, I’m not the only one who loves it; Don Joe is quite highly acclaimed.

Summing Up Workforced

Funny, funny, funny blog about working in corporate America. The blog is also quite well done from a layout perspective. It’s pleasing to the eyes.

Go here to check out Workforced.

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A New Slanch On Sports

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Category: Sports,Humor

Slanch Report

The Slanch Report is a sports blog with a twist. It celebrates sports, baseball in particular, but also embraces the fun and satire of the world of sports. Either way, you’ll likely find something here to keep yourself entertained. And you don’t even necessarily have to be a sports fan to do it!

Slanch Report – Why You Should Go

The Slanch Report is a place to go to follow along in the world of sports, but mostly a place to be entertained by the world of sports—and the quirky, fun, satirical, sarcastic news and happenings that goes along with it. It’s a mixed bag of what you’ll find, but if you have the mindset for it, you’re sure to find something of interest and value. There is even a page in celebration of the Olympics, albeit one probably more appreciated by fans of the male persuasion. If you’re looking for something categorized as class you might want to keep looking, but if you’re looking for laughs you’ve landed in a good place:

“The Slanch Report loves baseball dearly and will report a lot on it. We shall also strive to bring you the best possible coverage of all the other sports out there, bringing you the best plays, the wierdest stories, the cases of idiocy and of course, the hot women that intersect therein. We believe in class and etiquette but rarely muster the effort ourselves. We do applaud it.

Our efforts are in humor and you should find them that way, or not, either way join in. If you do not enjoy your time here that’s unfortunate; you are probably wrong about something. Regardless, if you think of something to say, say it.” –the Slanch Report

Summing Up Slanch Report

What more can be said? You’ll love it or you’ll hate it, but that’s the beauty of the internet—the freedom to express and the freedom to disregard. But you might as well at least give it a try.

Go here to check out Slanch Report.

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Do You Know What Day It Is?

day-of-xWhere to Find Day Of X:
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Category: Humor, Personal Interests, Entertainment

Day Of X

As blog author Mark Hewitt will tell you, every day is a day to celebrate…something. The latest craze to make every day stand for something has not gone unnoticed by Mark, and just to help you sort it all out, he’s created this blog.

Day Of X – Why You Should Go

Day of X is a tongue-in-cheek walk through the year chronicling the latest and greatest international day of recognition. Each day, Mark highlights the designated celebration for the day (or A designated celebration—I’m sure many of these enjoy more than one!). He gives you a run-down on what the day is and a bit of history or trivia as accompaniment, as well as advice on how best to honor the day.

Why would anyone go to all this trouble for you? Mark explains his motivation on his About page.

“There are few faster-growing cultural phenomena than that of dedicating every single segment of the calendar to some cause, group or idea. And I feel that, as citizens of the world, it’s essential that we honour every single one of these important milestones.

The problem is, there is no single, central resource which will tell you which of these vitally important Days you are currently living in. What if you found out, at one minute to midnight, that you’ve been wearing shorts throughout the International Day of Trousers, having mistakenly thought it was an ordinary Thursday? How could you look yourself in the eye after that fiasco, knowing that everyone in the world has been laughing at you all day?

Day of X is here to help.

Every single day of the year, I’ll be keeping you up to date on what Day you’re currently living in, and providing helpful advice on how best to celebrate it. And if it’s one of those few, scarce and sad days that isn’t yet dedicated to some worthy idea? I’ll make one up.

You’re very welcome.”

Summing Up Day of X

“Day of X. Because every day should be special. And it’s not special until it’s recognised by some arbitrary action group.”

What would life be without arbitrary days of recognition and celebration? At the very least, less entertaining, because we wouldn’t have Mark Hewitt’s blog. Be sure to be in the know, and grab a few laughs in the process.

Go here to check out Day of X.

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A Sketchy New Blog

thats-so-sketchWhere to Find That’s So Sketch:
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Category: Photoblogs, Humor

That’s So Sketch

Awkward photos are not restricted to the family photo album, and this blog proves it. There are enough sketchy photos to go around for more than one blog.

That’s So Sketch – Why You Should Go

That’s So Sketch is a new blog that has just come on the scene. It is bringing to you some of the most humorous photos and videos on the Internet (and some of the most humorously disturbing, too).

On this blog you’ll find a collection of pictures and videos that entertain and boggle the mind in a “What were they thinking?” kind of way. It’s an eye-opening experience that’s worth more than a few laughs.

Have something to share? You are more than welcome to email them through the site and get the word out.

Summing Up That’s So Sketch

That’s So Sketch is self-described as “A New Blog About Anything Sketchy, Shady, or Suspicious.” It’s a blog that’ll raise a few eyebrows and get its fair share of laughs—a place to lighten your day a bit.

Go here to check out That’s So Sketch.

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Embracing Awkward

awkward-family-photosWhere to Find Awkward Family Photos.com:
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Category: Humor, Photoblogs

Awkward Family Photos

Admit it, you have them. Tucked away somewhere in some box for some reason (just can’t bring yourself to throw them away? They wouldn’t fit through the shredder? Saving for future blackmail?), you have a number of photographic family would-be-greats that are just plain awkward. Well now, thanks to this blog, you have a use for them.

Awkward Family Photos – Why You Should Go

Awkward Family Photos is embracing that universal awkwardness and “Spreading the Awkward”. It’s a simple blog concept, really, that has exploded on the viral seen in just the few months it has been around. Now, people from all over the world are sending in their awkward family photos and learning to laugh at their own past posing faux pas.

So what is this site? It’s a chance to laugh and to heal and to finally know that you are not alone. Or, as the editors put it,

“At some point in our lives, someone close to us has made us pose for an uncomfortable photo. Well, here’s your chance to share your family’s awkwardness with the world. Submit family photos, wedding photos, vacation photos, engagement photos, baby photos, etc!

…Although this site is all about having a sense of humor, our intention is not to be mean-spirited. This is a celebration of awkwardness.”

…And a celebration it is. People are lining up to share some borderline disturbing photos (many that go well beyond the point of “Oh, that hair!”), and the media is even getting in on the game (see the attention this young blog is getting).

Summing Up Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos is good for more than a few good laughs. With its popularity and apparent therapeutic nature, this blog should be around for some time, so get in while the getting’s good and grow as a person as you embrace your inner awkward and finally share with the world that yes, you, too have been in these shoes, and have finally grown enough to overcome it.

Go here to check out Awkward Family Photos…while I go to the closet for that box of circa 1996 wedding pictures that my husband so enjoyed my aunt posing us for!

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Life In The Cube

Where to Find Life in a Cubicle:
Blog URL: http://www.examiner.com/x-3040-Minneapolis-Life-in-the-Cubicle-Examiner
Category: Humor, Professions

Life In A Cubicle

Disengaged, disgruntled, disinterested…those are a lot of “dis’s” that could be used to describe Dudley B. Dawson‘s attitude toward life in a cubicle. But they all make for good reading as he builds upon them in his humor blog, Life in a Cubicle.

Life In A Cubicle – Why You Should Go

I found Life In A Cubicle listed under “Observational Humor” on BlogCatalog. It seemed an entertaining category, so I bit, and low and behold, there was Dudley Dawson‘s blog featured right at the top. So I bit again, and I was not disappointed in the least.

Dudley’s blog is, as you’ve probably guessed, a tongue-in-cheek look at life through the eyes of a cubicle-dweller. It’s a funny, snarky blog poised to help others in similar situations through their days, offering laughs and commiseration, and more than a few tips for more efficient slacking. (Don’t worry, you can even read it at work if you follow Dudley’s tips for surfing in your cube incognito.)

“Dudley B. Dawson’s Life in the Cubicle observes life from the confines of a 4×6 cubicle in the most depressing location known to man — corporate headquarters of a fortune 500 company. Topics including “Seven Habits of Highly Effective Slackers” and “Top 8 ways to sneak out of work early” will keep you laughing through your monotonous work day.”

Summing Up Life In A Cubicle

Funny. That just about says it all. This is a somewhat darkly amusing blog (somewhat dark—completely amusing) that will let you know first that you are not alone, and second that a little humor can go a long way to get you through your day and back into the glorious presence of real, bona-fide natural light.

Go here to check out Life in a Cubicle.

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In A World Of Tiny Minds

Where to Find Tiny Minds:
Blog URL: http://www.tinyminds.net/
Category: Humor

Tiny Minds

The news is barely tolerable watching (or reading) these days, what with all the doom and gloom of the economy and markets, and life in general. It’s enough to make anyone believe in their own desperation, regardless of whether it’s actually a reality. So how do you deal with a world with nothing good to say? You fight back against their “declining capacity for rational thought.”

Tiny Minds – Why You Should Go

This is just what the authors at Tiny Minds are doing – “Exploring Humanity’s Declining Capacity for Rational Thought.” Snarky posts amuse and make lighter the load that is living amongst the irrational world of today, with topics ranging from email scam letters to the politicians who make it so easy to target them (and no, we’re not only talking George W.!). When it gets down to it, the irrationality of the world is nothing short of amazing, and, thanks to this crew, amusing, too.

Summing Up Tiny Minds

Tiny Minds is an equal-opportunity ridiculer, describing itself as,

“…a repository for stories and commentary about the declining apparent intelligence of human beings.
It’s not limited to inane goings on; there’s lots of dumb things that happen in politics, science, government, everyday lives, and the like — we don’t discriminate on the basis of HOW people are dumb; it’s all fair game.”

For those of us left with a shred of rational thought, it is a place to come, relax, be amused, and enable ourselves to get through the daily paper.

Go here to check out Tiny Minds.

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Sod Life – A Fun Twist On Reality

Where to Find SodBlog:
Blog URL: http://www.sodblog.com/
Category: Humor


Sometimes reality is just too much to deal with. But a little humor can go a long way in this life, as evidenced by the snarky crew over at the SodBlog.

SodBlog – Why You Should Go

Why should you go? Very simple—for a few laughs, some quirky commentary, and a reminder that not everything in life has to be taken so seriously. Sometimes a good rant or a little sarcasm is all you need to clear your chest and deal with the world. No matter what the topic, there can be humor found in it—just look at the variety of topics the snark leaders offer up at the SodBlog:

• General Sod
• Media
• Politics
• Good Sod
• Bad Sod
• Advertising
• Comics
• Games
• Nostalgia
• Food & Drink
• TV
• Tech

…and still others. Here’s what you can expect to read:

“On any given day, you can read snark-filled posts on a variety of subjects, such as politics, or entertainment, reviews of music and movies and video games, or just general slice-of-life posts on subjects…”

If you are so inclined, you can get in on the action, too. The SodBlog is the work of several volunteer writers, with a “fluid” authorship keeping things fun and interesting. Or, if you prefer, you can just jump in at the Sod Forum and release your inner snark there. And who knows…you might even find love…it’s been known to happen.

Summing Up SodBlog

This isn’t a blog you’ll want to visit with your kids (for adult language more than anything), but it might be a good one to escape from them, and the rest of what plagues your day. When it’s that time of day to relax and release, it’s time to check in at the SodBlog.

Go here to check out SodBlog.

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