Purposeful Online Profits

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I Profit On Purpose

For Mary Anne Fisher, there is no profiting by accident; nor is there any accidental failure. There is only success or failure that comes as the result of a purposeful path of action and planning—or the absence thereof. It’s a strategy that Mary Anne came to understand after 20 years in corporate marketing and sales, and one that she brings now to her readers through her blog and her business.

I Profit On Purpose – Why You Should Go

Mary Anne understands the allure of online entrepreneurship. She also understands the very simple reasons why most people fail, or at least fail to achieve their goals of online profits with their online information businesses.

What Mary Anne understands is that most people, and also most online business marketing programs, do not account for the two most important aspects of growing an online business:

1. The person (that’s you—the unique person behind the business), and
2. The planning (for the long term, not just flash success).

Lots of online entrepreneurs will have one or the other, but few have both. The ones that do find success.

“A strong personal foundation is the primary ingredient in an information publishing success recipe. This foundation is comprised of your desires, beliefs, values, passions, strengths and life purpose.

Until you identify and know how to leverage these fundamental aspects of yourself, it’s virtually impossible to create the kind of information publishing business and lifestyle you truly desire.

The next key ingredient in a recipe for success is profit-generating marketing methods and tools… but only those that are just right for you and your business.”

Summing Up I Profit On Purpose

On her blog, Mary Anne goes much deeper into the facts and actions behind her strategy and online success. It is an extension of her own information publishing online business and coaching and consulting firm. This blog is packed-full of both business and personal strategies and explorations to make you a successful online information entrepreneur, and step-by step tutorials that walk you through the process from fledgling to full-fledged online business success.

Go here to check out I Profit on Purpose.

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Your Daily Dose Of Blog Support

Daily Blog TipsWhere to Find Daily Blog Tips:
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Category: Blogging, Internet Technology

Daily Blog Tips

The name of the blog makes its mission self-explanatory. This is a blog, developed and maintained by blogging and internet marketing expert Daniel Scocco, which offers free tips and blogging advice in a daily-tips format.

Daily Blog Tips – Why You Should Go

There are two main reasons to make this blog a regular stop:

1. To capitalize on Daniel’s proven knowledge, gained from his experience in online entrepreneurial endeavors, and

2. To capitalize on the easy-learning format that is the blog.

Daniel’s knowledge and experience shows thorough in his posts and his wide range of knowledge in blogging and internet marketing. The “Daily Tips” format makes it easy for you to commit a few minutes to learning a little more about maximizing your blogging, and also doing business in any online format. The blog covers a full range of topics, but is worth your while just for the SEO advice alone.

Another thing that makes this blog stand out is that it is really reader-focused. Daniel doesn’t just write article after article off the top of his head, but welcomes queries from his readers, then answering them in the form of informative posts. The queries that make the cut are always highly useful, thus creating an optimal learning experience while building a supportive and intuitive community.

Summing Up Daily Blog Tips

Daily blog tips is all the features you want to build a successful blog or website, all rolled into one—it’s convenient, informative, and packed with resources to simplify and clarify the work of blogging and enjoying a return on your efforts.

Go here to check out Daily Blog Tips.

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Ground Up SEO Knowledge, Old-School

OldSchoolSEOWhere to Find OldSchool SEO:
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Category: Internet Marketing, Business

OldSchool SEO

Anthony Kirlew is an old-school SEO guru, and proud of it. As well he should be. His many years in the biz, proven success record, and eBook and projects make his knowledge one you will want to tap if you have anything SEO –related on your “To Do” list for 2009.

OldSchool SEO – Why You Should Go

Other than the list above, Anthony’s blog is one to watch to keep your finger on the pulse of the ebbs and tides of the internet, search engine optimization, and marketing and business on the web. Anthony has much information and many resources to help you get your SEO or SEM under control (and even some to help you find a job in the field, and keep your sites productive. Having been in the business for some time now, Anthony is able to bring you back to basics and work your way up, all the while weeding out what does and does not work both traditionally and with each change on the field.

Summing Up OldSchool SEO

OldSchool SEO is “Internet Marketing & Online Business Development Tips” from a guy in the know. If you want focused, targeted information and guidance, this is a blog to frequent. It’s not a lot of inexperienced banter, it’s real, good tips to help you run your life online and maximize everything you do with your blog or website.

Go here to check out OldSchool SEO.

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Small Business BrandingWhere to Find Small Business Branding:
Blog URL: http://www.smallbusinessbranding.com/
Category: Business, Marketing, Community Blogging

Small Business Branding

Small Business Branding is a blog that functions as an “online magazine,” featuring articles from of a team of successful entrepreneurs and internet marketers. It was started by Michael Pollock, to be picked up and run when he left off by Yaro Starak.

Small Business Branding – Why You Should Go

Today Small Business Branding is a comprehensive site dedicated to helping people succeed in business, internet marketing, and entrepreneurial endeavors. It is something of a community blogging effort with a definite focus on successful business practices. The blog and the site are supported by a large and growing number of skilled writers and entrepreneurs who bring a vast range of experience and expertise to the website and the blog.

Summing Up Small Business Branding

Small Business Branding brings together many leading and successful business people to bring you the cream of the crop in information diversity and advice. This blog offers a range of subjects from a range of fields, delivering a very well-rounded all-around business blog and online magazine.

Go here to check out Small Business Branding.

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Get More From Your WordPress Day

Wordpress Let's You Do That?Where to Find WordPress Lets You Do That?:
Blog URL: http://clint.uwcblog.com/
Category: Internet, Technology

WordPress Lets You Do That?

As Clint says, when you start looking into leading blog platforms these days one name comes up above the others—WordPress. It’s a blogging platform favored for its customizability and SEO superiority. The thing of it is, few WordPress bloggers are getting all that they could from the platform. Clint used to be one of those bloggers as he set off into Internet Marketing, but over time came to be quite well versed on the platform and its many possibilities. And the more he learned, the more he realized that there was a blogosphere full of WordPress bloggers out there that just might enjoy benefiting from his new-found knowledge.

WordPress Lets You Do That? – Why You Should Go

The name of the blog is very much indicative of its content. On this blog Clint offers up all the knowledge a WordPress blogger could want. Posts range from the basic to the back-end to show you how to get online with WordPress, and then optimize it for the best possible traffic. Given the range of topics, content, and posts, this blog is as good for the seasoned WordPress blogger as it is for the newbie trying to figure out how to publish that first post, and a great resource for anyone considering switching blog platforms.

Summing Up WordPress Lets You Do That?

There are many things that WordPress lets you do that can make all the difference in your blogging and blog’s ranking. Clint has uncovered many of them, and generously shares them with you on his blog. Find out here how to make the most of your WordPress blogging experience.

Go here to check out WordPress Lets You Do That?

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Entrepreneur's-Journey.com Yaro StarakWhere to Find Entrepreneurs-Journey.com:
Blog URL: http://www.entrepreneurs-journey.com/
Category: Blogging, Internet Marketing


Entrepreneur’s-Journey.com is the place where pro-blogger Yaro Starak shares his “down-to-earth advice for bloggers and internet marketers”. His Blog Catalog page describes his blogs as a place to “Learn how you can start your own blogging business and earn a full time income working part time.” This blog is one of his free information resources that lets you take advantage of his talents and earned wisdom in the areas of “Internet business, online marketing, blogging and life” direct from either his home office in Brisbane, Australia or his laptop as he travels round the world in true, free, internet-marketer style.

Entrepreneur’s-Journey.com – Why You Should Go

Yaro Starak is ready to admit that there are a lot of people out there selling informational resources for those interested in working online. But there is a vast divide between those that are truly useful and those who are just jumping on the supply bandwagon. Yaro, however, has the credentials to back up everything he lays out on his blog and everything that goes into his courses and programs. Yaro’s advice and instruction comes from his experience and rise to internet marketing success, not from an unproven affiliate marketing report based off the claims of fame of others. The separation makes a huge impact on ultimate success, and so if you want to be on the succeeding end of the internet gold rush, you have to go with a pro like Yaro.

Summing Up Entrepreneur’s-Journey.com

Yaro Starak has some excellent and very highly recommended blogging programs and materials that he sells through his affiliate programs and directly from his websites and blogs. This blog is an extension of that. This extension is well worth your time whether or not you are taking part in any of his other programs, as the free information he offers is the real deal, and applicable to a wide variety of internet businesses. Take in Yaro’s blog to learn more about the real opportunities of the internet, and to take advantage of that most profitable of investments—free information from the pros who know.

Go here to check out Entrepreneur’s-Journey.com.

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Small Fuel, Big Returns

Small Fuel Marketing BlogWhere to Find Small Fuel Marketing:
Blog URL: http://www.smallfuel.com/blog/
Category: Marketing, Small Business

Small Fuel Marketing

Regular readers here know how much we like good, free, professional service and advice. Today we’ve found another gem for the small business owner and online dabbler in Small Marketing Fuel. This blog, an off-shoot of SmallFuel Marketing, Inc and offspring of IdentityFuel, is the work of Natalie M. Miller and Mason Hipp, a pair bonded in life and in business with the sole mission “to help small businesses everywhere get bigger.”

SmallFuel Marketing – Why You Should Go

As Mason and Natalie put it on their About Page, they don’t want to tell you what you want to hear as a small business owner or entrepreneur, they want to tell you what you need to hear. They want to provide you with real vital services and information you can use to set you up right in business. That doesn’t mean they’ll send you on either the cheapest or most expensive route, it just means they’ll send you on the most profitable.

And what could be more profitable than free advice? That’s essentially what the companion blog to the business is. There are posts from Mason and Natalie, and also well-known coaches and bloggers including James Chartrand and Dave Navarro. And the advice is real—not just sales gimmicky posts to get you buying their business, but posts important to growing a small business on topics like marketing essentials, productivity, exposure, and how to gain a competitive edge.

Summing Up SmallFuel Marketing

SmallFuel Marketing is an information-packed resource of real small business advice. It’s a great resource for online marketers and for offline small businesses, and also for people interested in capturing the power of small business marketing techniques for other interests (blogging and monetizing, perhaps?). Visit this blog and reap the knowledge of the pros, and grow your efforts above and beyond the average.

Go here to check out Small Fuel Marketing.

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16th Letter BlogWhere to Find 16th Letter:
Blog URL: http://www.16thletter.com/
Category: Business, Internet Marketing

16th Letter

The 16th Letter is a collection of “Thoughts on how the internet intersects with work, life, & play.” It is the work of Beverly, Massachusetts (USA) internet business incubator Melissa Chang. Melissa, whose resume is packed with proven experience in web business in many different capacities, is the founder and President of Pure Incubation, Chang’s internet consulting and incubation company.

Melissa Chang’s extensive resume has built in her a wealth of valuable knowledge into the world of internet business, and also beyond it into the social side of life on the web. She combines these aspects into her blog and helps people to see the effect and effectiveness of the internet today on both work and play.

16th Letter – Why You Should Go

The 16th Letter is primarily business-focused, but not completely. There is a lot for the average person to learn from Melissa, and she presents it all in understandable terms. Her blog is a mix of tutorial and commentary on the recent happenings of business and media on the web. Her posts help readers learn to build businesses on the web from the bottom up and maintain them by remaining current on the evolution of current internet trends.

In addition The 16th Letter also highlights current internet news and events. But Melissa does more than link to the news; she also takes great care to analyze the situations as she presents them, and give her insightful take on each piece to help readers to make just a little more sense of it all.

Summing Up 16th Letter

Melissa Chang’s 16th Letter blog is information-packed to be sure, but it is also a place of friendliness and personality. She brings the right mix of personality and information and professionalism to her blog, which is a great place to learn about both the simple and complex aspects of working and playing on the web.

Go here to check out 16th Letter.

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ChrisBrogan.comWhere to Find Chris Brogan:
Blog URL: http://www.chrisbrogan.com/
Category: Social Networking, Business


Chris Brogan is a very well known figure around social networking and business circles. As his bio states, his strength “is in connecting passionate people together for business, collaboration, and networking.” His blog, named simply ChrisBrogan.com, is just a part of what he does to advise businesses, organizations, and individuals in utilizing social media and social networking.

ChrisBrogan.com – Why You Should Go

This is one of those blogs that give you the opportunity to learn from the experts to succeed like the experts—at the best price to you, only the investment of your time. Chris writes about many topics related (and some less related, but equally interesting) to social networking. He helps readers learn about the basics and effectively utilize the tools available to them—both simple and complex. In short, what Chris does is make social networking and social marketing manageable for the average person or business, putting the power of the new web behind your business.

If this will be your first visit to ChrisBrogan.com, be sure to visit his post for new readers, where he points you toward the best and basics for getting started in social media.

Summing Up Chris Brogan

Chris Brogan’s approach to business in the new electronic era is similar to that of people like Chris Garrett and Liz Strauss. To Chris, business is about relationships first and business and products second. Those relationships are what he helps to build by teaching people how to build them. Chris Brogan.com is one more resource available to help you build a bigger, better blogging or business you.

Go here to check out ChrisBrogan.com.

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Copyblogger Goes Beyond Good Blogging Tips

CopybloggerWhere to Find Copyblogger:
Blog URL: http://www.copyblogger.com/
Category: Blogging, Business, Marketing, Promotion


Copyblogger, the work of founder Brian Clark, has been guiding bloggers, businesspeople, and entrepreneurs through the maze of online marketing and business since 2006. Brian brings his extensive knowledge and expertise, which he gained the best possible way—through experience—to his blog where he offers tutorials, applications, services, and general advice for bloggers and for businesses using blogging and social media as a marketing and promotional tool.

Copyblogger – Why You Should Go

Copyblogger is one of those resource sites with something for everyone. Bloggers and writers can use the blog to gain valuable insight into boosting blog performance, while businesses with an online element (whether expressly an online business or an offline business with an online presence) will learn how to maximize their business blog for optimal performance. The blog is targeted primarily towards entrepreneurs and business bloggers, but the information there is useful for a variety of online bloggers and professionals, and so it has gained a huge following of people who need to know.

What Sets Copyblogger Apart

What sets Copyblogger apart, though, is that it is a blog that teaches the basics of blogging and online marketing, but then goes a step further. Brian Clark goes beyond the given‚Äîthat blogging and online marketing are necessary‚Äîto show readers how to ‘one up’ the competition. He says on his About page that online marketing is not just about doing, but doing better and more effectively. As Brian says, anyone can post words on a page, but it is your copywriting skills that will really sell you and set you apart; those are the skills that Brian works to develop through the blog.

Summing Up Copyblogger

Copyblogger is the place to go not just to learn about blogging and online marketing, but to learn about doing it better. This blog is an excellent resource, packed with more resources and links, a great value for your time investment.

Go here to check out Copyblogger.

Sean Rasmussen
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