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Backwoods Essentials

Backwoods Essentials is the work of J.S. Crews, an American living a simpler, “backwoods” lifestyle. Although this may seem like a new concept, it really is not. There is a fairly large population of people choosing this sort of (usually) “off the grid” lifestyle all across the world, and Crews is one helping them do it.

Backwoods Essentials – Why You Should Go

Crews’ blog, which is an accompaniment in part to his Backwoods Essentials storefront, is a collection of news, information and tutorials for backwoods and survival living. Although it caters largely to that “backwoods” crowd, it also caters to the more general populations of outdoor enthusiasts, campers, and even urbanites who are looking to become a little more self-sufficient and prepared. The blog is described as

“A blog to discuss life on a rural homestead; including gardening, long term food storage, alternate energy, emergency preparedness, survivalist and self-sufficiency topics.”

As such, it has information available for a wide variety of uses, and offers up useful knowledge that can be applied regardless of where you live.

Summing Up Backwoods Essentials

With life gone crazy, some people are finding refuge in getting back to the basics and simplifying life a little more; others are simply being better prepared in a world that at times can be very unpredictable. No matter what your intention, finding out how to achieve that goal will be a lot easier with Crews and his many resources.

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Nature Always Remains

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Nature Remains

When all else is said and done, at the end of the weary day, when things are going well or not-so-well, there is always nature remaining. It is a haven for blogger Nina, who shares her forays into her haven with the rest of us through her blog, Nature Remains.

Nature Remains – Why You Should Go

Nature Remains is a work of love for Nina. In fact, I’m not sure that it’s “work” so much as it is therapeutic, or simply living, but at any rate her passion for the natural world of Southwest Ohio, USA, is obvious. Nina steals every free moment she can to be out in nature, capturing the moments through her photos and poetic posts. You can find Nina

“…Grabbing every minute I can find to be outside–walking in it, sleeping in it … breathing it in. The natural world has so much beauty to uncover. It is my hope that by capturing my experiences with nature and by sharing the richness it adds to an ordinary life, others may discover the greatest gift waiting just outside their door.”

Summing Up Nature Remains

Nina’s blog is calming and inspiring. Her photos are fantastic, and the creatures and scenes she captures are nothing short of wonderful. Nina has an apparent eye and patience for the natural world uncommon among most, but that perhaps we can learn through her example. Be inspired by Nina and her natural world, and get out to enjoy your own!

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Hiking And Biking Fit For Children

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Biking Hiking With Kids

Biking Hiking with Kids is the shared experience of a father and his two young sons who are off enjoying the great outdoors of Northeast USA. This blog is both a resource for other parents and people who want to know more about sharing these activities with kids, and a chronicle of some quality times spent together between a father and his two children.

Biking Hiking With Kids – Why You Should Go

The author of this blog has been camping, hiking and mountain biking with his two sons for about four years now. They utilize many of the great trail systems and natural resources near their New Jersey, US home and are slowly expanding their outreach. Along the way, Dad is blogging about the trips and experiences and providing detailed trail reports so that readers and visitors can use the information to determine which points may be of interest to them, and which ones suit the skill-level, ability, and interest of them and their children.

This blog basically grew out of necessity when the author found that, although the US has many excellent trails prime for quality exploration with children, there is not a lot of good, detailed information on the web about most of them; and so, as he and his sons tackle a trail he also tackles the job of reviewing it and posting the information at his blog. Posts come complete with first-hand accounts, reviews, pictures, and trail maps. Additionally, the author offers up a variety of posts covering gear, preparation, and much more.

Summing Up Biking Hiking With Kids

Biking Hiking With Kids is an excellent first-line resource for anyone with an interest in sharing like outdoor activities with their children. The conversation is good, the trail reviews detailed and useful, and the example set by this father-son team is one definitely worth taking in.

Go here to check out Biking Hiking With Kids.

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A Brotherhood Of Hikers

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Hiking With My Brother

J Barnes is out hiking with his brother, and enjoying some of the best scenery and outdoor experiences that Northwest America has to offer. Not to mention the companionship and experience of sharing meaningful living with one of the most important people in his life, his brother.

Hiking With My Brother – Why You Should Go

I’ll be honest, I like this blog simply for its concept—two brothers, sharing a common interest, enjoying the outdoors, living a healthy lifestyle, and sharing quality time together. That was enough to get me to visit the blog from BlogCatalog. It’s almost enough of a reason to review the blog, but then we have that nagging question of content to consider. It didn’t nag for long, however, as the content of this a blog was top-notch, too.

The two brothers blogging share each of their Northwest (USA) hiking adventures with us. They take us virtually to some beautiful and interesting locations, and then back it up with all the best online media tools. For starters, each hike description (which is detailed, compelling, and thorough) is accompanied by a Google Map and trailguru map that shows the location and the trails that were explored (now if I could find some snowmobiling trails tracked on there, I’d be a happy snowmobile blogger for sure!). Even better, the posts include pictures from the hike, and cool virtual features like Photosynth experiences.

Summing Up Hiking With My Brother

Hiking With My Brother has everything you’d want to see in a hiking blog—it’s got the stories from the trail, the media and information to replicate great hikes, reviews of locations and trails, and the virtual experience to go along with it all. If you have any interest in exploring the trails of the Northwest U.S., or even in just living a bit through the adventures of others, this blog is a definite destination for you.

Go here to check out Hiking With My Brother.

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In The Journals Of An Amateur Naturalist

Amateur NaturalistWhere to Find Journals of an Amateur Naturalist:
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Category: Nature, Outdoors

Journals of an Amateur Naturalist

Many of us share an affinity with nature; if not a direct connection and experience of it at least a curiosity. Others make it their singular hobby, a passion, really, as Jace Stansbury has. Jace is a self-proclaimed amateur naturalist who uses his blog to share his love of nature, the creatures within it, and the stories he thinks are worth sharing.

Journals of an Amateur Naturalist – Why You Should Go

Jace is a US amateur naturalist, and many of his posts and the creatures that he spotlights are found there. That presents an opportunity for naturalists around the world to learn more about the animals that the common person comes into contact with, as opposed to what you might learn about in mainstream press. This blog is more like a living field guide that shows the diversity of the wildlife Jace explores, on a more intimate and personal basis. For those more local, Jace Stansbury’s blog is an opportunity to see what you might be missing in your own back yard, and how you might enjoy it.

Summing Up Journals of an Amateur Naturalist

Jace Stansbury writes with an obvious passion and impressive depth of knowledge for one who claims the title of ‘amateur’. This is an interesting nature blog written with care and concern for creatures and habitats far and wide, a good place to learn about supporting wildlife and enjoying the great outdoors.

Go here to check out Journals of an Amateur Naturalist.

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Alaska Through The Eyes Of A Native

ArcticulatesWhere to Find Arcticulates:
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Category: Travel, Outdoors


Blogs can take us many places. They can take us inside our heads and our hearts or they can take us on adventures in places we’ve never been, but perhaps dream of being. That is what this blog does. Arcticulates, the personal blogspace of K. Fields, is a first-hand look at life and nature in Alaska, and all the wonder the state provides.

Arcticulates – Why You Should Go

Alaska is quite probably one of the few remaining places on earth that could arguably be considered an unconquered frontier. It’s a place that still holds much of nature and its wonder firmly in hand, and a place that tugs at the hearts of outdoor enthusiasts and explorers-at-heart. And although it has a natural draw, it’s a place that few of us will probably ever get to. But even the lucky few who do could only hope to capture a taste of what it is to really live and breathe day in and day out in a place like Alaska.

K. Fields’ blog is a resource that brings us that much closer to this place. She talks about life in general and takes us on virtual tours of the countryside, complete with bear sightings. She serves as a link to explore more of Alaska, a virtual tour guide to both the wilds and the more civilized side of a place apart.

Summing Up Arcticulates

Whether you are planning a trip or just have an endless fascination with Alaska, K. Fields’ is a blog you’ll want to frequent. Few other sites will provide you with the kind of first-hand look at this beautiful place. To close, I’ll leave you with a few words from our author:

“I love Alaska! It can be a challenging place to live, but, the beauty that surrounds me makes it all worth while.”

Join her and experience K. Fields’ Alaska.

Go here to check out Arcticulates.

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Vice/Virute blogWhere to Find Vice/Virtue:
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Category: Rock Climbing, Adventure


“‚Ķsome people couldn‚Äôt relax if they had a lifetime to learn how.”

Obviously Summer Robinson (to whom this quote is attributed) is one of those people; that becomes immediately apparent when you read her blog, Vice/Virtue.

Summer is an avid rock-climber. Being a woman she is something of a minority in the world of climbing. She describes herself as “One girl climber obsessed with news, gear, training, and the human condition.” Whose motto is, ‚ÄúLive intensely your vices and your virtues.‚Äù Her blog is a place where she combines her motto and her passions, delivering news from the climbing world as well as informative and educational posts for newbie’s, would-be’s, and experienced climbers.

Vice/Virtue – Why You Should Go

It’s hard to ignore a person so committed to both her virtues and vices. That type of person is passionate about what they do, and couldn’t hide that passion if they tried (or spent a lifetime trying to learn how). It’s an infective kind of spirit, much like that experienced at The Adventurists’ blog.

Like The Adventurist, Summer Robinson brings us insight into a world that can come only from first-hand experience. For the initiated she is a reliable resource for climbing news and gear reports (among other useful topics); for the uninitiated, she provides an opportunity for exploration into an unknown and exciting world.

Summing Up Vice/Virtue

There’s a lot going on at Vice/Virtue, and a lot of ways to translate the interest of this passionately maintained blog, but one of the best things about it is Summer’s spirit of independence that is so obvious when you read her posts. Not only is hers an independent sport, but Summer works hard to maintain the rights and independence of others in it and related to it by openly discussing controversial topics. Hers is a blog with high interest inside and outside of her niche, written by a woman with a refreshing pride and confidence in her point of view.

Go here to check out Vice/Virtue.

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The Adventurist Jason HendricksWhere to Find The Adventurist:
Blog URL: http://skinnymoose.com/adventurist/
Category: Adventure, Outdoors

The Adventurist

If you are, or have ever dreamt of being, an alpine mountain climber or all around outdoor enthusiast, Jason Hendricks’ The Adventurist is a blog you’ll want to read. Jason brings the world of outdoor adventure into your home daily (often several times a day) by chronicling the lives and times of alpine climbers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers like himself.

The Adventurist – Why You Should Go

Jason’s blog is a must-read for people who share his passion for adventure, climbing and the outdoors. And being that his is among the top mountaineering and adventure blogs in the world, there’s a good chance those of you who share that passion are already regular readers of Jason’s.

Perhaps what is more impressive, though, is that The Adventurist is equally appealing to those of us who are—shall we say, less physically motivated (politically correct enough for you?)? Jason writes interesting posts that really let you see and feel the adventure through the eyes and ears of climbers and outdoorsmen and women from all over the world. He gives you the opportunity to learn things about the sport that you never even knew you wanted to know, including posts and first-hand accounts from premier climbers—like Alan Arnette of Mt. Everest fame (covering major climbs is one of the primary talents of the blog, including an almost 90-post account of Everest 2008).

Summing Up The Adventurist

Some of us are doers and some of us are dreamers, and even those of us who would never dream of climbing a place as inhospitable as Mt. Everest still feel a draw and some level of connection to it. For both types The Adventurist provides insight and interest into a world that only the doers can take you to. Join Jason and let him take you to the heights of the world, and go along with him, in his words, “From Mt Everest To The Poles: Exploring Adventure One Trip At A Time‚Ķ”

Go here to check out The Adventurist.

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