Planet Twilo Honorary Citizenship Award


Legendary Cyberculture and Stumbleupon resident, Bleem-Filk, awards Sean Rasmussen an honorary citizenship for Planet Twilo

Planet Twilo Citizenship AwardCyberking Bleem-Filk

The recent review of Cyberculture King Bleem-Filk, on DoYouDiggIt, sparked a generous gesture by the Stumbleupon blogging legend. He awarded an honorary citizenship certificate for his home planet, Planet Twilo, to Sean Rasmussen.

The Planet Twilo citizenship is a highly desired award in the Stumbleupon community and cannot be gained too easily. When interviewed, upon the presentation of this prestigious award, an overwhelmed Rasmussen said:

I do not know what to say… Words fail me! As a kid, I dreamed of this but never really thought it could become reality

As there are only about 100 citizens on Planet Twilo, as revealed during a candid interview with Bleem-Filk, there is no need for a surname on the certificate. If Sean ever manages to overcome the ever rising rocket fuel prices to visit his second home, he will be likely to get the phonenumber: 12, should you wish to call him.

Cyberculture on Stumbleupon

On a serious note, you can visit Bleem-Filk’s stumbleupon pages to see what the fuss is about in the world of Social Networking and Cyberculture. If you aren’t already a Stumbleupon user, this place may just be a little strange to you. However, have some patience and look through the great world that Bleem-Filk lives in.

Who knows, you might just like it!

Relevant Stumbleupon links:

Here are some relevant Stumbleupon links to visit the pages of Bleem-Filk and Sean Rasmussen

Have fun, and as Captain Filk would say: May The Salad Fork Be With You!

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Bleem-Filk: Cyberculture At Its Best

Bleem-Filk. Cyberculture at its bestWhere to Find Bleem-Filk:
Blog URL:
Category: Stumbleupon, Animation, Cyberculture

Bleem-Filk. Out Of This World

Bleem-Filk is the creation of Donny, a man from an outerworld destined to spread humor and faith through his computer generated animations. It’s primarily an outlet for Donny to display his impressive animations, poking fun into American politics and more. Donny is a legend in the Stumbleupon arena of social networking and cyberculture while it’s at its very best.

A quote taken from an excerpt from fellow stumbler, Aashika may best describe Donny and what he does…

Let us dash reality into pieces and fly away on the wings of the nightwind”. An escape from reality describes Bleem-Filk to a ‘T’.

Bleem-Filk – Why You Should Go

There are not a lot of opportunities to head off to worlds unknown or to talk with the inhabitants of them. Little did we know that here in cyberspace such an opportunity already exists!

You’ll enjoy Donny and his tales of Bleem-Filk if you need an escape from your day, but there is also a dose of reality to be had on this site (or at least, a skewed take on reality and politics). Donny doesn’t actually say much on his blog, but uses the site as a place to post his creative animated works of computer-generated art. The outcomes are impressive, and the takes are worth a great many laughs.

Donny has more serious interests, too. He is deep into his Christianity and culture, and links to more Stumble pages which further cast insight into this interesting blogger. In addition to his blogged creations, Donny offers up StumbleUpon pages linking to comedians, WNBA (Women’s Basketball) articles and highlights, and videos meant to churn the mind and start your day off thinking.

Summing Up Bleem-Filk

Bleem-Filk is a blogging experience rivaled by few, if any. This is a place where the less tech-oriented can gain an appreciation of the knowledge and abilities of others, and to also find links to an eclectic group of bloggers and resources, wide-ranging in interest.

Donny, whatever you’re having, I want some! Keep up the good work.

Go and check out Bleem-Filk for yourself. Maybe stumble his page.

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