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Rob’s Megaphone

Rob’s Megaphone is Rob Stevenson’s place to let his voice be heard‚Äîboth his expert writing voice and the voice of his comedic, slightly skewed sense of humor. The goal of his blog, courtesy of Rob’s About page, is two-fold in nature; his mission is:

1. to post about writing – specifically trying to make learning about grammar and writing fun, and
2. to post funny, interesting stuff.

If he can pull the first off that is quite an accomplishment. But his posts tagged funny prove that the second has been definitely achieved, which can only mean he’s off running to accomplish goal number one.

Rob’s Megaphone – Why You Should Go

Better writing skills and a better command of the English language is something that everyone (writing in English, of course) could use from time to time. With the proliferation of social media and the WWW in general, writing skills are taking on a new level of importance, which only means that blogs that help us communicate better are taking on more importance.

That being said, I have to say (as one who writes herself), that the best reason to visit Rob’s Megaphone is the funny stuff he comes up with. Really, it’s hard to imagine where one would find with all this stuff. One of the Megaphone staples is the silly news, some of which is just plain odd and entertaining, and some of which is just plain scary when it gets down to it. Nevertheless, there are plenty of laughs to be had.

Summing Up Rob’s Megaphone

Rob Stevenson, who by profession is a Mass Communications professor and writer (so one can only hope he’ll go easy on the critique here), really does seem to know his stuff‚Äîboth the writing “stuff” and the funny stuff, too. Go see Rob for your regularly scheduled English writing and grammar lesson, or to have a few laughs. You won’t be sorry you did.

Go here to check out Rob’s Megaphone.

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25 Responses to “Come For The Advice Or Come For the Funnies‚ÄîCome To Rob’s Megaphone!”

  1. Dr. Rob Says:

    Wow. Rob’s Megaphone sounds great!!! Hey, wait that’s my blog. Thanks for the cool review. I was wondering where all my new traffic was coming from. I would have put out the welcome matt. I really do appreciate the wonderful review. Let me know if I can do anything to shout back. Cheers.

  2. dani Says:

    Rob’s megaphone rocks… It’s an awesome site, especially if you’re in need of a good laugh.

  3. Barry Says:

    Rob’s Megaphone is a great blog to visit. I like his perspective. I have even featured his blog before!

  4. OutsideMyBrain Says:

    Your review is spot on! Rob’s Megaphone is all that… I never get tired of reading and laughing and learning. Thank you for your review.


  5. Mike Says:

    Rob has some great site. I am lucky I found it. I read it all the time.

  6. monkeysuit Says:

    looks great Rob!!! thanks for the great blog

  7. monkeysuit Says:

    Rob wow you got a great review!! and I see why nice blog.

  8. Of Cabbages and Kings Says:

    It’s always nice to see something that might be considered dry to some– like writing/grammar– being leveraged in a humorous, memorable way, as Rob does. I imagine this has already drawn in more folks who otherwise might not be as interested in the topic. Even on the forums I participate in with Rob, he’s a clever doo-bee for getting folks more interested in the funny side of the English language. Nice to see him acknowledged.

  9. Benny Greenberg Says:

    I love Rob’s site. The mix is just a bit strange – but oh so good for you! Keep up the good work Rob.


  10. Erik Johnels Says:

    Rob’s Megaphone is hilarious in the funny sections. But I’m pretty sure that hes succeeded in accomplishing the learning part too. I know i get a dose of healthy education whenever I read his posts.

  11. Shirley Says:

    Yeah! You go Rob! His site cracks me up in a grammatical kind of way. :-)

  12. Robin Calais Says:

    Rob is really a first-rate guy and I enjoy his blog.

  13. Mary Ward Says:

    @ Rob–you’re most welcome. You can repay by visiting often and ‘Digg’ing our reviews! (including yours–don’t be bashful; it’s not conceit, it’s confidence!) Well done, glad to share the wealth.

    @ All–glad you’re pleased, and I agree. You’ve all said it very well. A different sort of a mix and approach, but that is what sets Rob apart, isn’t it?! Makes it a whole lot easier to swallow that English pill :)

    Good to have sites like this in your back pocket for when you need a laugh.

  14. Dr. Rob Says:

    Hey you guys. Thanks for all the kind comments.

  15. John Painz Says:

    I’ve enjoyed Robert’s blog for some time now. It deserves a good review. It’s a lot of fun and great time waster, you know, in a good way! – J

  16. Mary Ward Says:

    Much deserved, Rob. Keep us laughing!

  17. Mary Ward Says:

    …and learning.

  18. Joe Says:

    Rob’s blog is one of the best. I get entertained while I learn. It’s like a cyber two-fer coupon.

  19. web design company Says:

    Good review of a great site.

  20. Dr. Rob Says:

    To Mary and the rest of the blog review team at Do You Digg It: I believe one way I can show my appreciation for your wonderful review of Rob’s Megaphone is to suggest unique and interesting blogs for review. Please accept my endoresment of the blogs and bloggers above. There are many gems here!

  21. Shadow.x.Crystal Says:

    Way to go, Rob!
    Great review for a great site! :-)

  22. Daisy Says:

    This review, like Rob’s Megaphone is spot on. Well done, Mary, and well done, Rob! :)

  23. Mary Ward Says:

    Shadow, Daisy,

    Thank you. It tells me I’m doing something right when regular readers of a blog agree with the review…

  24. praning5254 Says:

    Rob’s Megaphone is actually on my blog roll. It’s really a unique blog combining humor and english grammar.

    Keep it up!

  25. Sean Rasmussen Says:

    This is a great compilation of bloggers in this thread to pay homage to a great blog by Rob’s Megaphone. It’s obvious he is a very popular guy! (and funny too)

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