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The news is barely tolerable watching (or reading) these days, what with all the doom and gloom of the economy and markets, and life in general. It’s enough to make anyone believe in their own desperation, regardless of whether it’s actually a reality. So how do you deal with a world with nothing good to say? You fight back against their “declining capacity for rational thought.”

Tiny Minds – Why You Should Go

This is just what the authors at Tiny Minds are doing – “Exploring Humanity’s Declining Capacity for Rational Thought.” Snarky posts amuse and make lighter the load that is living amongst the irrational world of today, with topics ranging from email scam letters to the politicians who make it so easy to target them (and no, we’re not only talking George W.!). When it gets down to it, the irrationality of the world is nothing short of amazing, and, thanks to this crew, amusing, too.

Summing Up Tiny Minds

Tiny Minds is an equal-opportunity ridiculer, describing itself as,

“…a repository for stories and commentary about the declining apparent intelligence of human beings.
It’s not limited to inane goings on; there’s lots of dumb things that happen in politics, science, government, everyday lives, and the like — we don’t discriminate on the basis of HOW people are dumb; it’s all fair game.”

For those of us left with a shred of rational thought, it is a place to come, relax, be amused, and enable ourselves to get through the daily paper.

Go here to check out Tiny Minds.

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