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Comical Comments

How many times has this happened to you (quite likely on your very own blog)—you’re reading the comments on a blog post, and come across something so funny you’re stitched with laughter. And then you think, “I wish that more people would see this!” Because you know that a lot of readers skim the comments and add to the list, without necessarily reading the others. Or there are people who have already been by that will miss out on a later comment funny. Or the comment is just so entertaining that it deserves a wider audience in general.

If only there was a way to share all that wit with the rest of the world…

And now there is! Welcome relative newcomer Comical Comments to the blogosphere.

Comical Comments – Why You Should Go

Comical Comments creator (who sadly remains nameless on the blog) felt your pains of laughter, and decided that the most amusing on the web deserved a larger platform. And that is what Comical Comments is. It is a platform meant “to showcase the best, most original and comical comments left on blogs, comments responding to ones already posted, and comments posted on this website.”

Comical thoughtfully provides the back-story to the comment and a link to the subject blog post or article as warranted, and then lets loose with the best comment the piece generated. In the true spirit of highlighting the best, readers are also invited to submit funnies they find on their own, be it from their own blog, a website, or the blog of another. In turn, for your time you will receive credit for the post and a little link love back to your site and/or the original. Comical Comments makes it easy for you to submit, too, including a quick form on the Submit page.

Summing Up Comical Comments

The posts on Comical Comments are short and sweet, good natured, and entertaining. We can relate as blog readers to their origins, and appreciate the impetus behind this blog. This blog is an easy quick-stop on your blog rounds, one that offers a simple pick-me-up to help get you through your day.

Go here to check Comical Comments.

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4 Responses to “The Comical Comments You Love To Share”

  1. 101DoFollowBlogs Says:

    I’ve heard some good things about this blog. Remember to balance the pics with the text tho. cheers!

  2. Pentad Says:

    I looooooove funny comments! One little comment can really make my day.

  3. Mary Ward Says:

    You said it, Pentad! Instant mood reversal! That was so much of the appeal of this blog for me–simple and not time-consuming, but a quick pick-me-up! Amazing how a little funny can right so many wrongs.

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