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Dead Frog – A Comedy Blog

The name is a bit perplexing, until you read the E.B. White quote at the bottom of the page: “Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog. Few people are interested and the frog dies of it.” That, in essence, is the inspiration behind Dead Frog – A Comedy Blog. The blog, written by Todd Jackson (whose claim to fame is 10+ years in the comedy business and positions that include Editorial Director for Comedy Central’s web arm and Managing Editor of Cracked Magazine) is an “attempt to raise the bar in how people talk about comedy.”

Dead Frog – A Comedy Blog – Why You Should Go

As writer Todd Jackson says, “Comedy is very binary by nature: funny or not funny. But there are shadings and, with some insight, an appreciation can be found for something that didn’t make you laugh before. Or even better, the next time you see a show or performer you didn’t get, you’ll laugh yourself silly.” Hence, reading this blog can help you expand your comedic horizons, and help you look at comedy from different vantage points. It’s like art appreciation, comedy style. And truly, the insights are interesting (as well as entertaining). The blog is a source of surprising food for thought into comedy and its place and affect on culture.

Just as importantly, though, the blog is just plain fun. There are plenty of laughs to be had in the videos, sketches, skits, and scripts, making this a place as much to be entertained as educated.

Summing Up Dead Frog – A Comedy Blog

It’s surprising how in-depth a subject can be, especially one, like Todd says, that seems so simplistic on the surface. Read this blog for a new appreciation of the world of comedy, and as an extra, a daily dose of funny.

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