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In Cinq

In Cinq is a very unique community blog project created by Adria Balgassi. Adria was inspired by her younger sister’s poem—a simple cinquain describing her father. She decided to go global with the concept via a self-portrait blog, and the result is In Cinq.

In Cinq – Why You Should Go

The concept for In Cinq is simple—people from around the world are invited to contribute self portraits, which are largely photographs but can also be sketches, paintings, etc. Along with it, contributors are required to include a simple cinquain describing themselves in nine words. You need not be a poet, the contributor guidelines are quite simple, with an interesting result.

The interesting result is a collection of portraits and snapshots of people from around the world, each being self-described in a concise and focused way. The concept appears to have taken off quite nicely, with contributions from seemingly every corner of the globe. From a reader perspective, this photoblog is interesting and entertaining, and a quick, easy read. The cinqpic format allows you to learn just enough about the contributor and/or his or her mood at the time, ad make up the rest of the story from the poem and the accompanying picture.

Summing Up In Cinq

Adria Balgassi’s inspiration in a child’s poem turned out to be quite an interesting blog project. Visit Adria’s project for some glimpses of life around the world, or contribute your own (anonymous contributions are accepted as well). It’s a unique pairing of the “visual and the literary” with a highly effective result.

Go here to check out In Cinq.

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