Adding My Two Cents

Reviewing blogs gives me an opportunity (and a great excuse) to explore the web endlessly, reading from the many interesting and diverse blogs in the greater blogosphere. This is something that grew out of Sean Rasmussen’s (who created Digg It) passion for blogging and belief that blogging really does open minds and creates so many possibilities for learning, networking, socializing, and general expansion of the mind. It was a great idea that is proving to be a pretty popular and much appreciated one, too.

With now over 70 blogs to our review tally, I’m beginning to see some trends emerge among the betters (and also the less impressive). This has led me to a few observations of my own, a few preferences, and a few points for potential discussion. So with Sean’s blessing from time to time I plan to step in and offer my own two cents in the form of the occasional discussion post, and hope that is worth something to you, our readers. We might be lucky enough to have Sean do the same!

What Do You Get For Mary Ward’s Two-Cents?

It’s hard to tell. Probably a mixed-bag, as many of our favorite blogs are. But for starters we might talk about other ways to make a better blog—not the mainstream stuff you read everywhere about linking and the like, but the things I like to see when I review a blog, the things that mean the difference between being reviewed or passed by; I might share with you my blogger pet peeves, or offer a forum for you to share what you’ve learned from the blogosphere. Or I might take requests from you! Digg It is intended to be a place for the bloggers, by the bloggers, and we are always open to suggestions for our blog and for bloggers worthy of review.

For today I thought a fair forewarning was in order, and I welcome all your thoughts on the matter! Comments are always open below.

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2 Responses to “Adding My Two Cents”

  1. Lydia Says:

    This sounds like a terrific forum, Mary. It’ll be something to look forward to.

    I wonder if you have any pull with the team at, as there appears to be a problem with them pinging blogs. In spite of pings both automatic and manual, my blog hasn’t been successfully pinged going on 13 days now. One person wrote in a forum that his hasn’t been pinged for 26 days. This means that our Technorati ratings aren’t correct. Worse of all, though, is that our blogs aren’t being “crawled” for new material. I’ve sent them a few messages with no replies. I find it really frustrating and wonder if you or other bloggers are noticing the same problem, and if you might have ideas on what can be done.

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Sorry, Lydia I can’t personally help you there. But maybe someone else here has some ideas or information?

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