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Arduous Blog

The name of the blog describes a lot; the writer says it’s in part a description given her by her father (all in love, of course), and is also representative of how a fourth grader feels about spelling the word. Naturally, it can also be taken as a description of life in general, which is what this blog is in essence—a description of life in general, that is.

Arduous Blog – Why You Should Go

Whether the life described is considered arduous or not probably depends largely on the day. It might be that this life was made a little more so when one day, this “20-something woman with a taste for high-end kitchen supplies she never used and a serious purse addiction…decided to quit buying anything new.” That must have proved a challenge indeed, but with at least 9 months experience behind her, I’d daresay she found a way to overcome the difficulty of the transition.

Summing Up Arduous Blog

Arduous’ blog is somewhat random, as life and personal blogs can be, but everything that is discussed is done with a touch of humor and more than a little thought and insight behind it; a visit to this blog just might job a little thoughtful consideration of your own.

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