It’s always fun to digg back through your old posts and see what you might have forgotten.  Even though the blogs we review here on Digg It are unforgettable, there are those that we don’t get to pay as much attention to as we like, simply for the sheer number of blog reviews that we do.  So when we do get a chance to go back through our favorites, it’s like Christmas all over again.

Needless to say, in my excitement I was just not ready to let go of the idea of highlighting some of the past blogs.  Today I went and looked up some of our most favorite self improvement and empowerment blogs from days past, and have brought you three of them.  A couple of these aren’t really all that old, being from around New Year’s, but were great blogs worth a second look, and a chance to catch up and see if their resolves held (they did!).

Personal Improvement Blogging Blasts Worth A Second Look

  • The first that came to mind was Stuart Ginbey’s blog which deals primarily with Reprogramming the Mind for Success.  This is one of those blogs that helps you get out of your head and on to a life of successful action.
  • Our second pick happens to also be the first of our international blog review efforts from the land of the Scots.  At Positive Thinking – A Realistic Approach Kenny McBride continues to shine with his down-to-earth approach to positive thinking and success.
  • Our final choice for today’s better-living blog reviews is Christine Kane, the woman who brought us the concept of choosing a new word for a New Year, an alternative to resolutions based mindset.

These are my personal picks for the day, but I’d love to hear from all of you, too.  Do you have a favorite Digg It blog review?  Or do you think there’s a top blog that we’ve missed?  Maybe yours? Don’t be shy, comment below and tell us all about it!

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