Yesterday we took a break from blog reviews to dedicate time to the ongoing efforts to help Victoria’s bushfire vitims.  On Sean’s blog post, several of the regulars stepped up to the plate to also offer their support for the bushfire victims.  Today I’d like to bring some of these efforts to the forefront as well.

We have several bloggers, writers, and marketers, and others stepping up to offer donations of sales proceeds from their products.  Many of these are people who have already made monetary donations to the Red Cross Bushfire Appeal; donations of sale proceeds is a way that they can extend their financial suport even furhter.  Here are some of the things going on around the web and the blogosphere now to support the victims of the Victoria bushfires.

  • Super Internet Marketing Blog is offering to donate 25% of all sales proceeds of the Year of the Affiliate
  • All About Jobs is donating 60% of net sales proceeds from four of its eBooks, and in addition is giving a free gift to all buyers, a free copy of the Breast Cancer eBook–the initiative is in place for all orders up until Feb 28th
  • Nikki Shell is offering a niadra pack for sale in her online store, and donating all sales proceeds to the appeal.  Like many others, Nikki is also donating goods (as she is wihtin the affected region), and many of the commenters there have offered information for drives and collections.  This is a place worth checking out for that information as well.

In addition, the website has dedicated a page to the bushfire efforts, and is offering a list of ways and resources for those who would like to help.  This site is updating regularly and includes links and suggestions for a variety of donations, including donations of goods and services.

There is still a great need for monetary suport; for more information vist Sean Rasmussen‘s blog, or yesterday’s post here at Digg It.  Do note, Alex from the UK Red Cross stopped in to comment and offer a link for donations inside the UK.

There is a lot going on around the net to suport this effort, and these few are only the beginning.  If you have an appeal or a support effort to add, please feel free to do so in the comments below.  We are committed to helping these victims in any way that we can, as they begin to pick up the pieces, see to basic living needs, and move forward from this tragedy.

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