The point of Earth Day is not just to fix it once and forget it; it is to draw consciousness to the struggles of the planet and to induce people to change and action.

Blogs are excellent resources for ongoing learning and lifestyle change.  Many of the “green” blogs that have been reviewed here on Digg It are perfect examples of that, and ideal resources for the average earth citizen looking for realistic ways to achieve cleaner, more sustainable living.  Today, I’ve gone back through our archives to pull out some of the best environmentally friendly blogs of the past.

Blasts From The Green Past

We’ve got quite a few excellent green and environmentally friendly blogs in the Environment category, but here are a few of my personal favorites:

  • Tree Hugging Family was our first green review.  It is a blog run by a dynamic duo who is providing us daily with tips, tricks, and gadgets for better and cleaner living.
  • Green Living Tips is Australian Michael Bloch’s contribution to bettering the planet.  Michael is a very well-respected writer in this area, and his site is absolutely packed with information and resources–including carbon-clean web hosting options!
  • 365 Days of Trash started as Sustainable Dave’s journal of his experiment not to throw anything away for an entire year.  Dave succeeded quite admirably, and gained much fame in the process.  The original experiment has grown into so much more, not the least of which is his educational efforts and outreach.  His blog still goes strong to educate and support clean living initiatives.
  • The BusinessGreen blog is dedicated to helping us take greener, cleaner living throughout all aspects of our life, not only at home but in the workplace, too.  This is a blog that helps to round out the process and create an entire core of action toward real change and environmentally friendly practices.

We have many more excellent environmentally-friendly blog reviews within this category.  Be sure to check them all out and subscribe to a few of your favorites so that you have the daily resources you need for daily better living and maintaining a cleaner, greener, lifestyle.

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