Do You Digg It Week In Review

This is a busy time of year for everyone (but really, isn’t all of the year?), and so I thought it might be prudent to take a minute and review the posts and blogs we visited this week, to give you one more chance to catch onto some great blogs you might have missed.

Digg It Blog Reviews

  • Review CalendarWe started the week off with a post revisiting Sustainable Dave, the man who isn’t throwing anything away for an entire year.  As his year comes to a close, Dave is all over the major news circuits.  Check out just how popular Sustainable Dave and his mission have become!
  • From there, we stopped in at Christine Kane‘s blog, where she is revolutionizing the way we do New Year’s Resolutions.
  • Then for a more traditional approach, we took a look at Tracy’s New Year’s Resolution Blog, which is actually an entire site devoted year-long to helping you prepare and achieve your resolutions.
  • As we got down to action on the first day after the New Year, we looked at Stuart Ginbey’s resources for Reprogramming the Mind for final success.
  • In our final post of the week, we visited Bradley, who is helping us get those thoughts outside our head where we can make the most of them (a motion seconded, we might add, by the very popular Benny Greenberg).

A New Week Begins

And so this concludes our week, as we saw the year 2008 out, and welcomed in 2009 with a spirit of positivity and success.  We’ll pick right back up where we left off tomorrow as we explore more of the best of the blogosphere.

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