More Of My Personal Blog Pet Peeves

Okay I’ve come up with another personal blog pet peeve, albeit one that I do understand as well.

How Can I Get In Touch With You?

You guessed it—my second blogging pet peeve is the lack of contact information. Some way, ANY way to get a message to you as the blogger for kudos, questions, comments, or queries.

You might think this is a silly pet peeve, but there are many times and many reasons why a reader might want to contact you. Having a format for contact does not need to be complicated, either. And yes, we all know about the plagues that are SPAM, but there are ways around that, too.

Some Options For Blog Contact

The ideal is to have an email posted for contact for your blog; but we all know where that leads. Many bloggers have gone the route of the contact form page with a captcha code to weed out bots. However, I’ve often found that even when people have an email available for contact, it is not displayed prominently enough to actually be found. A link on a sidebar or a dedicated page makes life much easier for readers who want to find you. Don’t think that just because you mentioned an email address six months ago in a post that people can remember or still find that. If you are worried over SPAM cluttering your inbox, you could always establish an email address just for your blog on a free email like gmail or yahoo.

Contact can also be as simple as opening up your comments. That is the route we’ve chosen here at Digg It, not only because we love to invite conversation, but also because the SPAM filter we use automatically catches most of the junk and gives us a chance for moderation. Then when we log in there is your comment, right in front of us, and no one has to remember to check that spare email. I have found a number of excellent blogs, though, that close comments and still provide no contact information for readers.

Contact information is an easy thing to overlook, and it’s understandable that people fear more email to monitor and weed through the SPAM and junk. Without a way for your fans and readers to contact you though, you could be missing out on some really great commentary and opportunity.

What do you think? Agree with me? Disagree? Have a blogging pet peeve of your own? Comments are always open here at Digg—they’re an excellent way to contact us ;)

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