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A few days ago we talked about our blogging pet peeves. I told you that one of my biggest was the lack of an ‘About’ page to learn more about the blog and the writer. A simple about page gives your readers a chance to quickly learn about you and your blog and decide if your blog fits the bill for what they are looking for. With bloggers and general readers on the web, you only have a few moments of their time to connect with them and convince them to frequent your blog, so you need to provide them with all the information they need by utilizing all of your blogging resources, and the About page is one of them.

However, not all blog platforms have an easy way to add an About page, and some people struggle to build one regardless (others just take it for granted). There are some easy ways for anyone to build a good About page or alternative that will work equally as well.

About Alternative Resources

For example, you can utilize the ‘profile’ page offered by many platforms and be sure to post a prominent link to it. Another option is to link out to a website or web page off the blogsite that offers your information. Blog directories, like Blogging Fusion or BlogCatalog, are excellent ways to get the word out about your blog off-site, and with a simple live link can quickly become your About page.

Think outside the box to deliver the goods that your bloggers are looking for. These simple alternatives can provide the resources they need, and also get you some good external linking as well.

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