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Mr. Paul Maul

Need a new outlook on life? Turn to Mr. Paul Maul for help. His unique insights into life are sure to help you alter your perspective and give you quite an education. Not only will you learn how baseball can save your relationship, but you’ll also how you can get a bit of self esteem help by changing your name.

Mr. Paul Maul – Why You Should Go

For a great laugh! And, actually some pretty sound motivational words along the way. Paul Maul’s humor does provide some pretty sound advice – it’s just disguised really palatably. I caught myself laughing out loud a couple of times.

Summing Up Mr. Paul Maul

Paul Maul has been described as a “motivational speaker for the rest of us”. It’s a pretty good description. There’s nothing flowery or overly psychological, but there’s some pretty good advice underneath what he says. And, even if you don’t get anything more substantial from reading this blog; I guarantee you’ll get a good laugh.

Go here to check out Mr. Paul Maul.

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  1. Kate M. Says:

    I love Mr. Paul Maul and his empow-WOW-erment… thanks for spreading the word!

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