Recap Review, April 4 Edition

As new blog reviews go this week, we haven’t too many.  Instead, we decided to feature some blasts from the past before visiting a new friend, so as to ensure that you don’t miss out on any of the past blog reviews of note.

Week In Review, April 4, 2009

  • To start the week we reviewed Blogging Fusion, an online blog directory and SEO/tools resource.
  • From there, we were inspired to revisit some of the best early blog reviews, including our very first, Ange Recchia’s blog (along with a couple of others–go check it out and see!).
  • Our second round of blasts from the past included more empowerment and development blogs.  Think positive and don’t miss these blogs!
  • To round out the week, we took a break from the reminiscing and reviewed Rose DesRochers blog, a blog mixed with advice and commentary on blogging, writing, and life in general.

It’s been quite an upbeat week here, in part inspired by the powerful blogs reviewed last week.  Be sure to check out all the great personal growth and development blogs from last week as well!

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