Recap Review, August 15 Edition

A quick round-up today as last week’s was so large.  (You can see last week’s blog review list here for many more.) Last week’s largely fitness and health influence carried on into this week, and then it was off to matters of food and frugality.

Week In Review, August 15, 2009

  • First stop, an appointment with the Workout Mommy.  Workout Mommy Lisa is a trained professional personal trainer and fitness instructor who is now working hard to find the balance of her roles and attend to both good health and good parenting…and working to help you do the same.  Get fit with Lisa at Workout Mommy.
  • Kelly Rigotti says she’s not quite frugal yet, but she’s working on it.  You can work on becoming more frugal and saving for the better things in life, too, at her blog, Almost Frugal.
  • From Frugal to Food and travel, blogger Caitlin Fitzsimmons, a native Aussie like our own Sean Rasmussen, is sharing her tales from the road of world exploration and all the great foods and places that go along with life abroad.  Catch up with Caitlin and her Roaming Tales.
  • Perhaps Caitlin and our Dining DC blogger will meet somewhere along that traveling road, as Dining continues to eat, enjoy, and review all of the top 100 restaurants in the Washington, DC area.  Get the real goods on the best of the best in DC dining at From Komi To Marvin.

And that’s if for our week, but we’re diving right back in tomorrow.  I’ll see you there!

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