Recap Review, February 15

We’re a day off with this week’s recap, as we dedicated an extra day to getting the word out about the support efforts going on across the web for the victims of the Victoria Bushfires.  A reason worthy enough for a belated review to be sure!

Week In Review, February 15 Edition

And so here we are now, ready to recap our week’s activities here at Do You Digg It.

  • Starting off the week’s reviews, we visited the blog, a blog dedicated to shining the limelight on an unappreciative crew–the scammers of the internet world.  Stay safe online with the resources, tips, and exposed scams over at
  • Next stop was the SodBlog, a snark-filled place where you can kick back and quip about reality, and blow off some too-long supressed steam.
  • We took a new approach to going green, too, as we visited the BusinessGreen blog.  This is an entire site and blog devoted to helping businesses make the transition to greener, more environmentally friendly practices and profits in sustainable ways that can go the distance in the business world.
  • From here our attentions turned to a much more solemn topic, that of the Victoria Bushfires in Australia.  our first post highlighted the appeal on Sean Rasmussen‘s own personal blog and supported the efforts of the Australian Red Cross.  If you are still looking for ways you can help, see this post for links and details.
  • Our final post of the week did not center on one blog, but a collection of blogs and websites that are also joining the good fight and doing what they can to support the victims of these horrific bushfires.  This post details a variety of efforts, both personal and of a community nature.  For a good lead on a variety of ways to help, see the Bloggers Unite post.

Don’t forget to check out all of our past blog reviews, including these from last week’s Recap Review.  And please, if you would like to offer a link to a bushfire support initiative or project, do so in the comments below.  These people can use all the possible support we can give them!

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