Recap Review, March 21 Edition

This week we were largely dominated by outdoor and fitness blogs.  Must be the Springtime inspiration of Northeast U.S.?  Regardless, we found some excellent blogs to get you moving and enjoying the world around you.

Week In Review, March 21, 2009

  • After a quick word on the power of Social Networking and locating great blogs for reading and review, we checked in with two brothers who are spending some quality time and experiences of a lifetime together in Hiking With My Brother.  This a a hiking blog that should stand as an example to all hiking blogs of what one should be, with its comprehensive coverage of each hike and trail.
  • The trail adventures continued with Biking Hiking with Kids, a father-son blog covering all aspects of outdoor recreation as it relates to hiking, biking, and camping, and the dynamics and issues that are added when enjoyed together with children and youngsters.
  • Next up we went inside for a lifestyle change with Coach Jenn, a wife and mother-turned personal fitness coach who is showing how healthy a lifestyle any of us can be living–and giving us the tools and motivation to do it!
  • What’s fitness, hiking, and outdoor recreation without a good appreciation of nature?  Lacking.  And so, with the next blog review we came upon Nature Remains and joined Nina as she continues to discover the wonder right outside her door.
  • Last is never least here, and to round out the week we stopped in with J.S. Crews and his Backwoods Essentials blog.  J.S. is bringing us all the news, tutorials, information, and tools for simpler and backwoods living, including tips and tools for emergency preparedness and more.  Get ready for anything at the Backwoods Essentials blog.

That’s what we’ve been doing this week, but don’t stop here! See last week’s featured blog reviews in the March 14 Recap Review.

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