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Early on, while Digg It was just getting its start, we had reviewed many excellent blogs. In fact, those high-quality blogs were the very ones that gave Do You Digg It its great start, and grew it into the blog it is today (one that we hope will continue to grow and gain more attention). It occurred to me, though, in my many spare hours to sit and think, that since the blog was new, and still building its readership base, these great blogs could easily have been looked over. And so it seems a good time to go back and look at some of our earliest blog reviews, so that none of you miss out on any of these motivational, inspirational, or innovative blogs.

Anges bizAnge’s Biz – The one that started it all. Ange Recchia is a motivational force of blogging, another Aussie dynamo to lift your spirits.
Ya-ttitude! – Benny Greenberg does motivation like no other. One of our most popular blog reviews to date, you do not want to miss this one!
99 Bloggers – Alfafoobar created 99 Bloggers as a collaborative effort where up to 99 bloggers of different interests and backgrounds could some together in a cohesive mix to blog on topics of interest to them and the blog’s readers. It’s a top-notch blog forging its own path, a place to visit regularly to learn on a wide variety of interesting topics (you might even see our own Sean Rasmussen there!).

These are only a few of the great blogs that deserve your attention. There were many others that you’ll want to explore, so do be sure to check out the archives and categories to find the best blogs you may never have known about!

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