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It’s been a while since I’ve dedicated a post to submission requests, and no time being like the present, it seems high time for a reminder.

What Do You Digg?

Digg was developed (by our own Sean Rasmussen) as a dedicated blog review site, with the idea being that we would wander the Internet in search for good blogs deserving of review, but also with the intention of inviting bloggers and blog fans in to submit blogs for possible review.  Every now and again we like to remind our readers of that fact, because we don’t want you to think this is all about us–this is a blog built with a community focus, and we more than welcome your comments and suggestions.  We also know that there is no way our small editorial group can get to all those excellent blogs, and so we rely on the outreach of others, too.

You can always submit a blog for review.  It’s very simple to do, just leave a comment on this or any Digg It post with a link to the blog, and we’ll do the rest!  You can even submit anonymously if you like.

Blogs, Directories, Communities, And More

What can you submit?  Most anything that is appropriate for a general audience (we’re G-rated, no adult content, please).  That could be a blog, or even just a blog topic if you want us to do a little digging in a particular subject area.  It could also be a suggested blog community, directory, or other related resource (as long as it makes sense for bloggers and blog readers).  It can be your blog, a friend’s blog, or a totally random blog that you stumbled upon and just like.

We keep pretty open minds around here–all we are looking for is blogs and related sites with value that may be of value to readers, too.  Join the fun, speak up, and let us know what’s still out there to review!

Mary Ward
Do You Digg It!
Blog Review Team
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