Supporting Australian Bushfire Victims

It seems fitting to take a time-out from blog reviews today to steer our attention to something far more concerning–the victims of the Australian Bushfires.  This is a tragedy far too close to anyone in Australia, but one that is also reaching hearts across the world.

As many of you know, Sean Rasmussen, who created this blog, lives in Australia, although not in the location (thankfully) of the bushfires.  However, he was in Melbourne over the weekend coaching internet marketing, and so came face-to-face with the people whose lives are being threatened and destroyed; the experience was humbling, to say the very least.  Sean is using his personal success communication blog to draw as much support for these victims as possible, and I’m taking the liberty of using this other of his blogs to extend his efforts.

You can read Sean’s appeal and see what he’s doing to help over at his blog.  Or, if you would like to donate directly to the Australian Red Cross right now, you can do that through this link:

Donate to the Red Cross Victorian Bushfire Appeal

You can donate online, or through the mail or via telephone with a freecall number.  For those outside of Australia, the online donation system does work if you are donating from another country–I am in the United States, and I was able to very easily donate to the appeal through the secure link provided. At this point monetary donations are the most helpful, and quite probably the only way for people abroad to lend support.  For those in Australia there are additional ways to help, such as through blood donations or offers of housing or billeting for victims.   The website also has information for friends and family who might be concerned about friends or relatives in the affected areas, and who are unable to reach them.

Our hearts go out to all of those affected by this horrific tragedy.  Please lend what support you can, as we know that donations of all shapes and sizes help!

Learn How You Can Help – Australian Victoria Bushfire Appeal

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