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We first met Sustainable Dave back in August with our review of his blog, 365 Days of Trash. Back then, Dave Chameides was about mid-way through his life-project of not throwing anything away for an entire year. Now, as his year begins to near a close, Dave is drawing even more attention.

Dave’s efforts were recently the headline story on Yahoo! News. Upon searching, there are many more stories about Dave’s innovative approach to greener living. He has also been the feature of stories in Time Magazine and several others.

Proof We All Can Do Better

Dave’s year-long project stands as proof of just what he set out to show—that 1600 pounds of trash for the average family is too much, and that with some conscious effort, we all can live well, live sustainably, and leave far less of an impact on the earth behind us.

These stories are well-timed as we look back at our blog reviews from the past year. This is a great reminder that there are people like Dave Chameides out there doing great things and maintaining a high quality of modern life. It’s proof positive that sustainable living is achievable living, and something to strive for as we look to improve our lives in the coming year and preserve the planet for our children.

Revisit Dave’s blogs, and take away some new things for you to try this year. Perhaps the commitment to throw nothing away is still a bit elusive for you, but nevertheless, as Dave has worked so tirelessly to show, there is much that you can do and hardly feel a pang in he process (more likely, you’ll find multiple benefits to you your more sustainable life).

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