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Now that you know why there are never any negative blog reviews here, maybe you’re left thinking—”yeah, but there are so many great blogs you’re missing!” We couldn’t doubt in the least that that is the truth. As you might imagine, though, there aren’t enough hours in the day to explore and find all the excellent, deserving blogs on the net.

Really, Though—You’ve Got To See This Blog!

If that little voice in your head is screaming out at us that you know where there is a top blog that we’re missing (or maybe you’re talking to your monitor again? :) ?) then don’t keep it to yourself—do share!

We are happy to consider blog review requests and recommendations. We encourage your participation! As we’ve done in the past, we simply ask you to leave us a comment and a link to the blog. We’ll add it to the list of blogs to cruise and carefully consider it for review; and if it’s as good as you say it is, odds are great that you’ll be reading about it here in the near future!

I Don’t Know A Particular Example, But I’d Sure Love To See A Blog About…

You do not have to have a specific blog in mind to make a request. Even if you only know the topic that you’d like to see represented, we can accommodate and do the searching for the benefit of you and all of our readers. There are so many categories and topics of blogs out there, and many yet to be represented here. So tell us what we’re missing, and we’ll be happy to take that under careful consideration, too.

Submitting Blogs And Topics For Review

It’s simple to let us know what you’re thinking—just leave a comment below this post. Give us the link or the topic, and maybe a quick (optional) explanation of why you think the blog or topic deserves our attention. Everything gets considered, but we do ask that you recommend worthwhile blogs with good content in one form or another. Remember, this is an international effort, so blogs from anywhere are greatly appreciated (unfortunately, though, English is the only language that we can understand at this time, so they’ll need to be either English-based blogs or blogs with good translation).

As always, your efforts to help Digg along are greatly appreciated!

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Do You Digg It!
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