Where Are All The Negative Reviews?

I promised that we’d start up a bit of conversation here and there, so as to invite even more community and conversation, and to give you a few ideas of what motivates this blog. So here we go…

Do You Ever Have Anything Bad To Say?

One of the comments that we’ve gotten here on this blog and in talk of it around the net is that there appear to be no negative reviews. Why is that?

While we understand that creating controversy is a sure-fire way to get people talking, we also think there is enough of it without our adding to the buzz. So instead of telling you our opinion of why a blog isn’t worth your time, we prefer to focus on the good that’s out there, and make sure that those are the blogs that get their due. This is in part an effort to avoid that phenomenon wherein negative publicity ends up being a better traffic-generator than good publicity. You know how it goes—say something negative about anyone or anything, and people have to flock to find out what you’re talking about, to get in on the controversy. It’s hard to resist.

Rather than send you all off to blogs that just don’t deserve the attention, whether for a lack of content or style or grace, we’d rather appreciate the better blogs for what they offer and promote those instead. So when we come across a lackluster blog, we simply move on to something more worthwhile, more worth your time (and ours). Anyone who knows Sean Rasmussen, who created Digg It, knows that he is all about positivity and fulfillment, so it would be quite contrary to his being to start up a review of the worst of the web!

Does That Mean We All Agree?

So if there are no negative reviews here, does that mean we expect that we will all always agree?

That would be a fruitless effort, wouldn’t it? No, we entirely understand that we all have different tastes, different interests, and different opinions. We also understand that your time has plenty of demands upon it, so what you choose to read on a regular basis as a group will be highly variable. You may disagree with a review you see here, and that’s your privilege (we do ask that we keep the site civil though!). As reviewers we try to keep an open mind and see the value in blogs beyond our own personal opinions, so as to present our reading community with a diverse array of blogs that span many topics, categories, and interests.

That being said, many of the blogs reviewed have been recommended by you, our readers, and many others have been located through your comments and blog rolls, so it is very often the case that we enjoy a high level of agreement among our readers.

We continue to strive here to make this a blog that is useful and interesting; our comments are open to you below, and we welcome your comments, constructive criticisms, and, of course, your blog review recommendations.

Thanks for being a part of our community, and thanks for continuing to read Do You Digg It!

Mary Ward
Do You Digg It!
Blog Review Team
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3 Responses to “Where Are All The Negative Reviews?”

  1. marly Says:

    helo it is my first time here and i say this is interesting and the reviews are in detial.

  2. Robert B Says:

    So let me see if I have this right…

    There are no negative reviews

    But if someone submits a blog for review, and you decide to skip it, you have this post here to pan it as lackluster and without redeeming content, not worth (says you) your readers time, without actually coming out and saying so…


  3. Mary Ward Says:

    I look at it more like agreeing to disagree. It goes without saying that any review, positive or negative, is an expression of opinion, and that you should always make up your own mind.

    To clarify further, there are many reasons why we might skip a blog. The decision may be our opinion of the content, or it may be for another reason like timing, reader interest, frequency of posting (or lack thereof), subject matter, diversity of blogs recently reviewed…there are many times when a blog might not be right for review right now, but will be in the future.

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