Where Are The Best Blogging Communities

I would think (hope) that there will be lots of answers to this question.

Across the internet and blogosphere, it seems there are some networks and platforms that are much more than what they appear; but sometimes you only get to know about these if you are a member of the platform or community itself. That stands to reason, because really how can you be a part of a community without being an active participant in it in some way—either as a frequent visitor or fellow blogger?

Community Magnets

Community MagnetsNevertheless, it seems some places tend to create more of a community than others. The more time I spend looking around Blogger blogs, the more I think that Blogger is one of those spaces. There is always a web weaving from one blog to another (a web that often provides me with many of the subsequent blogs for review). The more I review, the more I find these links looping back upon each other—and no, not always from their original spots. In fact, I’m surprised at the frequency of coming back to a blog weeks after the fact from a seemingly unrelated blog.

Sometimes it is the network that really builds that sense of community across interests—b5 media comes to mind once again. Of course, the best bloggers are masters at this, since community really is what blogs are all about.

It does seem, though, for whatever reason, that some places build communities more easily than others. Who knows why that may be (although if you have an idea—do share!). Being that blogging is as much about the people as the topic, it’s an interesting subject to explore. It’s also a great idea to share those places that do attract a sense of community. I’d very much like to hear where you find the best blog-related communities to be.

What Do You Think?

Comment below, and tell us, where are the best blog communities on the web (platform, network, or singular blog—anything goes!)?

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